Reading is Thinking!  

    It is important to be an active reader before, during and after reading stories. 
    Being an active reader helps us to understand the story better and enjoy it!

    1. QUESTION: Ask questions before, during, and after reading:who, what, when, where, why, how, which, whose, etc.

    2. CLARIFY: Stop and pay attention.  Reread the words you just read. Look at the pictures. Explain what happened.

    3. PREDICT: Ask yourself "What will happen next?"

    4. CONNECT: Make connections to the story!
    • Text to Self - Connect pieces of a book to something in your life.
    • Text to Text - Connect the book you're reading to another book. 
    • Text to World - Connect pieces or the whole book to the world around you (movies, games, news...).
    5. REACT: "This book makes me feel_________!" "I like.did not like this book because___"

    6. SUMMARIZE:  Use the words First, Next, Then, and Last to help you identify the most important, main events of the story.
    7. IDENTIFY:  Use story elements to put the story together!
    Name the characters in the story (who or what was the story about. How did they feel throughout the story?)
    Name the setting (where and when the story takes place)
    Name the problem and solution (what went wrong? How did the characters fix it?)
    8. VISUALIZE: Describe the images. Make a movie in your head.