Math At Home ....

    • Have your child count to 100 by ones, fives and tens.  
    • Count objects like windows, doors, etc…
    • Use the calendar to count the number of days in a week or in a month, to count the number of months in a year, or to name the days of a week or months of a year.
    • Pour different amounts of water into 3 or 4 glasses that are the same size.  Compare the amounts of water using terms such as more, less, or the same.
    • Compare sizes of different objects using terms such as bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, etc…
    •  Sort objects by size, shape and color, and discuss what makes them different from each other.
    • Find different kinds of patterns in your home such as on wallpaper, quilts, curtains, furniture, clothing, etc…
    • Play the number game.  “Guess my number between 20 and 30.  Use the words more or less as clue words.
    •  Play addition war.  Remove all face cards from a deck of playing cards and divide the remaining cards between two players.  Each player puts 2 cards down and the person with the highest sum wins all four cards.
    • Practice identifying coins and their values.  Using their own money, have your child count and decide if they have enough to make a certain purchase.
    •  Have your child figure out the “fair share” of candy, snacks, food, etc. when splitting it between 2 or more people.  This sharpens counting, adding, subtracting, and sometimes, fraction skills.
math circus