• How many students are in our class this 2020-2021 year?

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    We have 16 students in class. 


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  • How long is the lunch period? Who is in the cafeteria to assist my child?

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    The students eat in the school cafeteria from 12:00-12:20. 

    They then go out to the playground for recess from 12:20-12:40.

    Your child has a solid 20 minutes to eat and socialize. If they do not finish, they are allowed to stay in the cafeteria and finish eating. Once they feel content they can join their classmates on the playground for recess. *The talking to eating ratio is always an adjustment for students in the first week!

    Your child will be eating lunch with the other Kindergarten classes and the First graders join them a bit into the period. 

    Although I am not always in there myself, there are many child nutrition staff, lunch aides and teachers are in the cafeteria to assist your child in purchasing and opening their lunch.

    Theese different staff members will also bring them to the bathroom and outside for recess.

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  • Is there a daily snack time in addition to the lunch period?

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    Yes, students can bring in one healthy snack and drink each day. Snack must be nut free.
    Please practice opening, closing snacks, and packing their lunch box independently at home. 
    Snack time is about 12-15 minutes start to finish around 10:30 am each day.
    There is not an afternoon snack break. 
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  • Can my child drink water throughout the day?

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    Yes! While it is hard to send the little ones out into the hallway to the water fountains, I allow water bottles in the class for the students. In addition to their drinks for our snack and lunch periods, you may send your child in with an additional water bottle/thermous filled with water to keep in their backpack. 

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  • Can my child celebrate his or her birthday in school?

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    Birthdays are so important and exciting- we love to celebrate with our friends in school!

    We do ask that, if you choose to celebrate your child's birthday, that you do so with non-food items/treats/goody-bags. 

    If your child would like to celebrate his/her birthday with his/her classmates,there are a few things to make their day special. 
    Have your child bring in items to hand out to his/her classmates such as stickers, pencils, small erasers,bookmarks, small toys,etc.

    Send in your child's favorite book.  We will read it that day!

    Summer birthdays will be celebrated in June. 

    If you wish to come in to read the book, OR do a small craft OR a simple party game with the class, we can arrange a good time for you to visit. ***Please contact me at least two weeks in advance, we will do our best to move our schedule around to work with you.

     * If your child will be handing out birthday invitations in school, please make sure that EVERYONE in our class is invited. Invitations may not be handed out to only a few children in our class.Thank You notes will not be distributed in school. 
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  • Can I change the way my child goes home from school?

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    If for any reason your child is not taking his/her usual transportation home, you must send a note into school informing the school of this change. Include the date(s) this change will occur.It is always helpful to email to me or send in a note in iwthyour child, however you still must contact the office on your own. 


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