Our Next PTSA Meeting: 


    May Meeting



    Teacher Appreciation Week: Sorry, the links on the image do not work, but please see below where you can click to go directly to the links.


    TA flyer


    For the Online Teacher Appreciation Staff Shoutout form Click Here


    This is a Google Slideshow the PTSA is putting together to show the teachers and staff of EBHS how much they are appreciated.

    Any student or parent in the High School community is welcome to create a slide.

    You may create as many slides as you would like, NO CHARGE, for as many teachers or staff members as you would like.

    Don't know what to say? No problem, there are many stock messages to choose from. 


    Even if you don't want to participate in the slide show, please consider donating for our Teacher Appreciation week events.



    Our Membership Drive started August 21st, 2023. Joining is so easy! Our organization is Member driven. The more members we have, the more we can do for our school, students, and community. Please consider joining as well as encouraging your friends to join as well.


    You can:

    1. Complete our Online Form (Venmo Payment ONLY)
    2. Submit payment with our E.B. HS PTSA Membership *Envelope then return to the PTSA:
      1. during our Back to School Night on Sept 14th, 2023
      2. during any of our PTSA in person meetings, dates TBA
      3. by sealing a Check payable to "HS PTSA" then returning it to our mailbox at the High School's main office.
    3. Complete our Printable Form (CLICK HERE) and put in an envelope "Attn PTSA" with Check payment to the Main Office of the High School, 380 Cranbury Road. 


    Senior Raffle: Starting September of 2023 

    1. For Seniors Only
    2. Raffle Prize: The PTSA will delivery food (from a list of pre-approved local restaurants) for the winner and up to 4 of their friends. (Please note that the PTSA will not pay for the food, just deliver it to the school)
    3. Only $10 per raffle ticket
    4. Winner will be drawn once a month. 10 chances to win!
    5. To purchase a Ticket CLICK HERE


    Future PTSA Meetings

    1. Wednesday, March 20th 2024
    2. Thursday, Aprill 11th, 2024



Last Modified on May 5, 2024