Any change in dismissal requires a written note on that day.
    We will have snack every morning. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack and packed SEPARATELY from their lunch. 
    Sneakers and Socks should be worn on physical education days.
       Birthday celebrations are more than welcome in our classroom; however, we cannot celebrate birthdays with food do to allergies.  Instead, students may bring a non-edible treat for every student in the class.  We will still sing "Happy Birthday" and make the celebration special for your child!   
     Reading book bags must be sent back everyday because they are used in class during reading time. Please make sure everything in the book baggie comes back to school as well (books, sight word rings, magical reading pencil, post-its, bookmarks, ect.)
    When an assessment goes home, please kindly review it, sign it, and return it the next school day.  
    Library books should be returned every Friday.