Allergy Sufferers

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    This is a very difficult season for those who suffer with allergies and hay fever. It involves a lot of sneezing, sniffling and itchy eyes. After visiting your physician, there are some simple things that you can do to help prevent these symptoms.

    • Clean your home. Hay fever is triggered by allergens such as pollen, mold spores, dust and animal dander. A thorough housekeeping will help.

    • Minimize exposure. Avoid outside activities when pollen counts are highest, usually between 5AM and 10AM.  You can check the pollen count with the National Allergy Bureau at www.aaaai.org/nab.

    • Close windows. Keep windows closed when pollen counts are highest. This includes car windows as well.

    • Do the laundry. Wash bedding weekly in hot water. Shower and shampoo before bed since pollen can collect in your hair and skin during the day.

    • Use medication carefully. Check with your physician on what time is best to take your medicine. Some feel morning is best while others feel it is best before bed.

    • Practice pet control. Pets can bring pollen and allergens on their fur inside after being outdoors. Try to keep pets off furniture and out of bedrooms. After snuggling with your pets, wash hands and face.


      More information can be found at Allergy and Asthma Network

    •  www.aanma.org or

      Food and Allergy Network