Unit 1: Launch with Good Habits and Just Right Books
    Unit 2: Foundational Skills (Tricky Words) 
    Unit 3: Spotlight on Comprehension with Focus on Retelling 
    Unit 4: Nonfiction
    Unit 5: Revisit Foundational Skills with a Focus on Character
    Unit 6: Fluency and Phrasing using Poetry and Other Texts
    Unit 7: Nonfiction Research 
    Unit 1: Launch Narrative
    Unit 2: Writing Reviews
    Unit 3: Nonfiction Chapter Books
    Unit 4: Realistic Fiction (from scenes to series(
    Unit 5: Poetry and Songs
    Unit 6: Writing like Scientists 
    Unit 1: Counting
    Unit 2: Introducing Addition
    Unit 3: Number Stories
    Unit 4: Length and Addition Facts
    Unit 5: Place Value and Comparisons
    Unit 6: Addition Fact Strategies
    Unit 7: Subtraction Fact Strategies and Attributes of Shapes 
    Unit 8: Geometry
    Unit 9: 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction and Review
    Unit 1: All About Families
    Unit 2: Where We Live
    Unit 3: Good Citizens
    Unit 1: Weather
    Unit 2: Organisms
    Unit 3: New Plants 



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