• Welcome to the HMS Attendance Office
    Attendance Officer: 
    If your child is going to be late or absent for the day, please call the attendance office at  (732) 613-6897  by 8:30 am.  You may speak to someone directly during school hours, or leave a message during non-school hours and off days.  If, for any reason, the school is not contacted, the Attendance Officer will call your home.
    Whenever a student is absent, they must return to school with an absence note.  If not, the absence is considered "unexcused".  Notes may be dropped off in the Attendance Office.
    If your child must leave school early, they must bring a note signed by a parent.  The note should include the reason and the requested time of dismissal.  Students should bring the note to the Attendance Office upon their arrival to school to be recorded.  They will be given the note back, so that it may be used as their pass to return to the Attendance Office at the requested time.
    If you plan on having someone other that the listed parent or guardian pick up the child, it must be indicated in writing on the note.
    As a safety precaution, anyone picking up a child will be required to provide a photo ID