• Daily Schedule

    ELA Preschool – Sample Schedule

    Early Morning Program (EMP)

    7:00-8:55 AM        Arrival – Quiet/Open Ended Activities, Breakfast

                                 Table Games, Crafts and Outdoor Play/Gym Time

    ELA AM Session

    9:15                        Arrival/Do Now

    9:30                        Morning Meeting    

    10:00                      Choice Time/Ongoing Investigations/Project Work 

    10:30                      Clean-up /Snack

    10:50                      Large Motor/Music/Art (indoors or outdoors)   

    11:20                      Shared Reading/Math Explorations/Related Activities   

    11:40                      Closing Meeting /Pack Up

    11:50                      AM Session Dismissal


    Mid-day Extension (AM or PM)

    11:50-12:40          Lunch/Free Play & Rest Time for Full Day Students Only


    ELA PM Session

    12:40                      Arrival/Do Now

    12:50                      Afternoon Meeting                       

    1:20                        Choice Time/Ongoing Investigations/Project Work     

    1:50                        Clean Up/Snack

    2:10                        Large Motor/Music/Art (indoors or outdoors)

    2:40                        Shared Reading/Math Explorations/Related Activities

    3:00                        Closing Meeting//Pack Up

    3:15                        PM Session Dismissal   


    After School Kids (ASK)         

    3:15 – 6:00            Transition/Snack/Special Activity Centers

                                    Table Games, Crafts and Outdoor Play/Gym Time