• Policy 6830 - Audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (M)
    The Board of Education will prepare and publish a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) in accordance with the requirements of N.J.A.C. 6A:23-2.2(i).
    The Board shall annually cause an audit to be made of the district's accounts and financial transactions. The audit will be conducted in accordance with law by the public school accountant appointed by the Board and will be completed within four months after the end of the school fiscal year. The Board will engage only a licensed public school accountant to conduct the audit in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18A:23-1 et seq. which has an external peer/quality report as required in N.J.A.C. 6A:23-2.2(i)1.
    The School Business Administrator/Board Secretary will receive the audit report and recommendations of the public school accountant and prepare or have prepared a synopsis or a summary of the annual audit and recommendations prior to the meeting at which the report will be discussed by the Board. Copies of the summary will be available to members of the public.
    Within thirty days of the receipt of the audit report, the Board will, at a regularly scheduled public meeting, cause the recommendations of the public school accountant to be read and discussed and the discussion duly noted in the minutes of the Board meeting.
    The Board will implement the audit recommendations and report such implementation to the Commissioner.
    The Board directs the Superintendent and other appropriate district officers and employees to cooperate fully with the public school accountant and to keep faithfully such records and reports as will assist in the audit process.
    N.J.S.A. 18A:23-1, et seq.
    N.J.A.C. 6A:23-2.2, et seq.
    Cross reference: Policy No. 0173
    Adopted: 11/26/1984
    Revised: 11/13/2008 (Replaces Policy No. 3571.4)