• Stronger Reader
    Just like children learn to ride a bike by starting with training wheels, it takes practice to move up in reading. The best way to practice being a strong reader is by reading books that are just the right level.

    Children should read for 15-20 minutes each night. As your child reads, you can help him/her build comprehension skills by asking questions about the book. You can use this chart to help you come up with questions.
    Bronze = good questions (examples: "Who did...?" or "What is...?")
    Silver = better questions (examples: "What can...?" or "Where is...?")
    Gold = awesome higher-level thinking questions ("When might...?" or "Why did...?")
    Try to go for GOLD!

    If you ever have questions about finding the right books or how to help your child, never hesitate to reach out to me: skeely@ebnet.org