• Student Teaching/Internship Requests

    Thank you for your interest in completing your student teaching or observation hours in the East Brunswick Public Schools!

    All requests for student teaching, internships, fieldwork and/or any other assignment involving direct contact or observation of our programs must receive approval through the Human Resources Department.  Requests for semester internships and student teaching placement must be received by the district directly from the college or university placement office.  Requests for single observations may come directly from students provided they contain verification from the college.

    Requests are accepted via email only, and must include a letter and program requirement documentation by e-mail to:


    In your letter of request, be sure to indicate when you wish to conduct your assignment, including possible dates/weeks, which grade level(s)/content/specialization areas you prefer, and how long your observation must last. The District does not honor specific placement requests, so please refrain from requesting a particular teacher or staff member with whom you have an established relationship.

    Attach a copy of the course requirement from your university that details your assignment. This may be the course syllabus, assignment description, letter from your professor or any other form of documentation that your work is required by a college or university. 

    Once your paperwork is received in Human Resources, we will begin to work on seeking placement options for you. Due to the large volume of requests, the district asks for a minimum of two weeks from the time of request to your anticipated placement. Once we are able to determine whether we can accommodate your request, Human Resources will either notify your university directly or contact you via phone or e-mail.

    Please do not contact school administrators or teaching staff directly regarding your placement. If you have questions, please email HumanResources@ebnet.org. We will check the status of your request for observations.

    Please note that all student teachers and interns must participate in a mandatory orientation training session which is scheduled in the first month of each Fall and Spring semester. Details about each training session will be sent to every student teacher and intern after commencement in the district. 

    We look forward to supporting you as you begin your career in education!