• The Human Resources Department, together with the District Administrative Team, serves to promote and further the District's commitment to diversity and equal opportunity for employment.  

    As you explore our website, you will find resources that foster and support an environment that is inclusive, respectful, and free from discrimination and harassment.

    Affirmative Action Officers: 
    Nicole Tibbetts, Director of Human Resources & Dr. Louis Figueroa, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
    Title IX Officer: Frank Malta, Supervisor of Athletics
    Curriculum Equity Team: 
    Dr. Joyce Boley, Assistant Superintendent of Academics & Nicole Tibbetts, Director of Curriculum & Student Achievement
    ADA/504 Coordinator: Danielle Blalock, Supervisor of Student Services & Wellness

  • The 2022-2023 Affirmative Action Team includes:

    Nicole Tibbetts, Director of Human Resources (AAO)
    Dr. Louis Figueroa, Assistant Superintendent (AAO)
    Dr. Sherriese Anderson, Assistant Director of Human Resources  
    Danielle Blalock, Supervisor of Student Services
    Dr. Joyce Boley, Assistant Superintendent of Academics
    Danielle DiNinno, Director of Professional Learning, Evaluation and Assessment  
    Kimberly Dombrowski, Elementary BSI Teacher
    Frank Malta, Supervisor of Athletics
    Craig Segall, Instructional Coach, CJHS
    Jennifer Sislian, Student Assistance Specialist, CJHS

    Affirmative Action and the District Comprehensive Equity Plan

    East Brunswick Public Schools values
     the rich diversity of our community, which includes students, staff, families, community groups and local businesses and partners who provide our students with meaningful educational experiences.
    Click here for a sampling of activities that contribute to our equality and inclusive mission.
    Background:  In January 2017, the State Board of Education re-adopted N.J.A.C. 6A:7, Managing for Equality and Equity in Education, which outlines responsibilities for achieving and maintaining compliance with all state and federal laws governing equity in educational programs. As a result, all school districts are mandated to develop a three-year Comprehensive Equity Plan (CEP).  The responsibility of each Board of Education of every public school district in New Jersey is to identify and correct all discriminatory and inequitable policies, programs, practices and conditions within or affecting schools.  The approved Comprehensive Equity Plan enables the District to demonstrate compliance with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations as described within.

    Process:  East Brunswick Public School's Affirmative Action Team (AAT) prepared the Comprehensive Equity Plan (CEP), over the course of the 2018-2019 school year, and submitted to the State Department of Education in June 2019.  The plan, which is linked above and below, was approved by the NJDOE in August 2019.  

    The Board of Education authorized the District's AAT to complete the State's Needs Assessment on May 2, 2019 in order to construct the District's CEP for 2019-2022.  The Board later approved the District's Draft Plan on May 14, 2019, for submission to the Middlesex County Office of the NJDOE.  

    The Comprehensive Equity Plan enables school districts, charter schools and renaissance school projects to demonstrate compliance with all applicable laws, codes, and regulations.

    Please click here for a link to the US Department of Education, Office of Civil rights.  The mission of the Office for Civil Rights is to ensure equal access to education and to promote educational excellence throughout the nation through vigorous enforcement of civil rights.

    East Brunswick's Affirmative Action Team (at the time of plan development, and Board and County approval of the Plan): 

    Danielle Ruggiero, AAO, Director of Human Resources (retired)
    Dr. Louis Figueroa, AAO, Assistant Superintendent
    Dr. Trudy Atkins, Dir. of Professional Learning  (through June 2021)
    Yolonda Bishop, Community Member
    Danielle Blalock, Supervisor of Student Services & Wellness
    Dr. Joyce Boley, Asst. Superintendent of Academics
    Lisa Citron, Special Education Teacher (retired)
    Dr. Michael Gaskell, Principal
    Edna Bonnie LaBoy, Dir. of Prof Learning, Evaluation & Assessment (through 6/30/2020)
    Dr. Daniel Moran, Supervisor of Social Studies
    Jennifer Sislian, School Counselor
    Runali Sukhadia, Human Resources Coordinator (through 1/30/2020)
    Louise Sultana, Supervisor of Guidance for grades 6 – 12, College and Career Readiness (currently Director of Special Education)
    Edna Bobbie Tu, Media Specialist (retired)
    Christopher Yannazzo, Assistant Principal (former Supervisor of PE/Athletics)

    Please click below for a copy of the district CEP.  This plan, and related acvities, follow the guidelines set forth in the Introductory Manual for
    Affirmative Action Officers, which can be accessed by
    clicking here.  

    Link to East Brunswick's 2019-2022 Comprehensive Equity Plan