• math


    Important skills to work on this year: 
    Counting by 1's to 100 
    Making and counting tally marks
    Completing a blank number grid  
    Counting by 2’s, 5s, and 10’s 
    Tell time to hour and half hour 
    Fluently adding and subtracting to find 10 more and 10 less 
    Solving Frames-&-Arrows 
    Telling and solving number stories 
    Draw tens and ones blocks - Represent given numbers with tens and ones
    Divide shapes into fractions (halves and fourths)
    Compare numbers / sums 
    Identify and describe shapes 
    Addition and subtraction facts 
    Reading and creating bar graphs
    Identify place value of digits 
    Solve “What’s My Rule?” problems
    Adding 3 numbers together
    Giving the turn around fact 
    Find missing numbers in + or - problem 
    Measure and compare lengths