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    Grading Policy


    The following Grading Policy is used district-wide by the world language department to evaluate student progress and determine quarterly averages. 

    40% Written tests, quizzes and compositions
    40% Oral proficiency
    10% Homework
    10% Class participation

    Written assessments are given formally and informally to assess understanding and show progress.  Monthly writing assessments  show individual progress as we move across the ACTFL guidelines from Novice Low, to Novice Mid. 

    Oral proficiency is determined in various ways.  You are expected to participate in role-playing and skits that use Spanish in realistic settings.  You will be put into groups or pairs, sometimes randomly and sometimes not. You will always receive individual grades for orals, based on how well you are able to communicate in a given situation. You are also given oral proficiency quizzes that determine how well you can communicate in Spanish.

    Homework is to be done on time.  If you are not in class, there are several ways to find out what was missed and what needs to be made up. You are encouraged to call a friend from class. All students are required to have 1 or two "Study Buddies" from calss.  My school email islspinelli@ebnet.org.      If you do not understand how to do a homework assignment, I am available for extra help after school by appointment.

    Class participation - Communication is our primary goal and you are expected to pay attention.  You are encouraged to participate, make attempts and speak Spanish as much as possible.  You are not penalized for wrong answers but it is important that you make an effort.  Daily records are kept assessing student participation.


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