How many days a week should my child be reading?

    Every school day for at least 20 minutes for a total of 100 minutes a week. 
    If you know that your child will be unable to read one day, have them read 40
    minutes (or more) on a different day. The more you read, the better learner you become.



    What should I do if my child is absent?

    Make sure that you notify the office, and ask for any work that 
    was given that day to be sent home. Also, upon your child's
    return, make sure that they get any missed notes from a trusted
    friend. (you can also check this site for anything missed)



    What should my child be reading?

    Every child should be reading any book that is on their level 
    (students know how to figure that out...for additional help, just
    ask). My goal is for my students to enjoy reading, so as long as
    it is on their level and they like it, that is great!



    Is my child too old to be read aloud to?

    This is a commonly held misconception. Yes, your child is now a 
    second-grader, and should be able to read on an independent
    basis, however, taking some time to read aloud with your child is
    beneficial. In this scenario, you are modeling good reading, your
    child has a chance to practice his/her fluency and expression,
    plus it is a great way to spend some quality time together and
    help instill the love of reading in your child. I will spend some
    time each day, modeling good reading as well.



    What should I do if my child does not want to read?

    There are numerous reasons why this could be the case, and 
    numerous strategies to try in order to motivate your child.
    Different strategies work for different students. If this
    question pertains to you, please contact me to discuss tools
    which can be tailored to your childs individual needs.



    How can I make sure that my child is doing their homework?

    Homework is very important because it helps reinforce the skills 
    taught in the classroom. The best way to make sure homework is
    being done is to first set up a routine at home. Find a good
    place for your child to do their homework and make sure they go
    to that spot to work on a regular basis. It is a good idea to
    look at your child's agenda book to make sure they are writing
    down their homework and then completing each assignment. Most
    importantly, keep in mind that it's their homework, not yours!
    If they need some assistance, then by all means, help out...but
    please let them try it on their own first. They will get more
    out of the assignment if they do it on their own. (but feel free to check!)