• Louise Sultana
    Supervisor of Guidance, College and Career Readiness, Grades 6-12


    The Developmental Comprehensive Career, Guidance and Academic Counseling Program is an integral part of East Brunswick’s educational system.  Our program will enable students to achieve optimal success in school, social competence and to develop into contributing members of society. All district employees recognize the uniqueness and personal worth of each child. Our counseling program focuses on each student’s potential for growth within the context of his/her individual family multicultural perspective. This program adheres to the National Standards for School Counseling programs and Ethical Standards as set forth by the American School Counseling Association.  Also incorporated into this program are the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. 

    The comprehensive counseling program is developmental, systematic and sequential in nature.  The program supports academic, career and personal-social development.   It is equitable, proactive and preventive.  Comprehensive school counseling is an integral part of the educational system.  A comprehensive program addresses student needs as the primary focus.  The program focuses on activities that help students acquire knowledge, skills, and understanding to cope with the developmental stages of life.

    The purpose of the counseling program is to promote and enhance learning for all students.  Students will have the opportunity to achieve success in school and become contributing members of society.  All students have the right to participate in all school counseling programs.

    The guidance program is designed to help students develop positive self-concepts and effective decision-making skills. Guidance counselors work with students individually and in groups, assisting with school-related and personal concerns. They also help high school students with specific college and vocational planning and placement.

    In addition, they coordinate the standardized testing program, interpret test results for teachers and parents, and work with teachers to plan effective methods for helping students to improve in areas where they are having difficulty.

    Students are assigned to counselors by house in the middle school and on an alphabetical basis at the junior high and high school. They have one counselor at the middle school, one at the junior high school and another one at the high school. In addition, a career counselor and a college counselor have offices in the Career/College Center at East Brunswick High School. Parents of students at any grade level are invited to contact them.

    The Career Center has pamphlets, reference books, videotapes and a computer program called Discover, which students use to learn about the career possibilities open to them. The Center also offers a job placement service that includes part-time, summer and full-time jobs.

    In the College Center, information about colleges is available through computer searches, print and microfiche college catalogs, films, and presentations by visiting representatives from various colleges. The Center also has descriptions of the many scholarships available and a computer program to identify potential sources of financial aid.  

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