•  Bears and Cubs Preschool (Teaching Laboratory at EBHS)

    The bears and cubs preschool (teaching laboratory at ebhs) is an elective for high school juniors and seniors interested in a career in education. This is a double-period, full-year course where high school students learn, plan, teach and observe children, ages 3-4 years of age, in a laboratory preschool setting under the supervision of a certified teacher.

    Prior to the arrival of the preschoolers in late-October, study is devoted to child development, guidance techniques, teaching methods, observational techniques, scheduling and routines needed to work with the preschool-aged child. This unique course allows the students to apply their new skills and concepts to conduct and supervise a preschool. Students will continue to develop with the opportunity to practice their skills in storytelling, creative movement, art, music and theme teaching. Students gain confidence, knowledge, and skills to assist in careers relating to children.

    Bears and Cubs preschool is open to East Brunswick residents who have children 3 and 4 years old. The child must be three years of age by October 31, 2023 and must be fully potty trained in order to be accepted. Proof of residency is required.  This program is free and begins in late October and ends in June. The Bears and Cubs preschool is held Monday through Wednesday for two hours a day, 8:30 am-10:30 am.

    **Application period is closed.** For all those who applied for the Bears and Cubs program, notifications will be sent by the end of July - your patience is appreciated.  

    2023-2024 Registration process

    (The registration process is only for those accepted to the program.  Please complete by August 31st.)

    Step 1: Pre-Register EACH student

    Step 2: Complete and return all completed forms to the administration building. 

     Inportant If there is a delayed opening or a school closing due to inclement weather, there will be no preschool that day.  Your phone numbers have been added to the automated calling system that will alert you of delayed openings and school closings. If you do not get the automated call about a delayed opening or school closing, please contact the preschool teacher.

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