• Library/Media Program

    Andrew Scanlon, Supervisor
    Magaly Alvarez, Secretary

    The East Brunswick library media program fosters collaboration between Library Media Specialists, classroom teachers and students with the intention of building a strong foundation for locating, selecting, evaluating and synthesizing information from a wide range of sources.  Media Centers maintain print and digital collections that support the curriculum and promote the enjoyment of literature in all forms.

    From their first days at school, students are encouraged to read for pleasure and choose books independently.  They are introduced to technology and research skills via age-appropriate print and digital resources and tasks in collaboration with classroom teachers, based on content-area curricula.

    Every school has a media center staffed by certified Library Media Specialists offering students and teachers an array of print and digital resources including extensive collections of fiction, non-fiction, and research materials appropriate to the grade levels in the school.  All schools have one or more computer labs adjacent to the media center as well as laptop computers and other technological tools available for use in the media center and in classrooms.  Schools also have broadcasting facilities connected to the district-wide broadcast network.

    The media curriculum encompasses reading, research skills, technology education and digital citizenship.  Students learn basic keyboarding, how to use various types of software, and how to find, access and cite information from a variety of electronic and print sources, including databases, books and the Internet. Students continue to build on these skills as they progress through the secondary schools with an emphasis  on technology as a tool for learning in all content areas.

    Our eleven media centers are connected to an integrated online catalog and circulation system, enabling students and teachers to access their accounts and search library collections from any location with internet access.  Most databases and research tools are accessible remotely as well.

    The library media program provides a path for students to become independent thinking members of our community who are actively engaged with information technology in the world around them.