Korff's Classroom Team Rules and Pet Peeves
    Chemistry Class, East Brunswick HS, Room L-1
    Email:  mkorff@ebnet.org  
    Voicemail:  732.613.6900  x4167
    The website is updated EVERYDAY!!!!  Check after 3 pm for the latest info.
    1.  Attendance:  Be ready to start!  Please be on time.  Be here ready to go 
    before the bell.  First late is a warning.  Other lates will be assigned an 
    office detention.  As soon as you get here, copy the “DO NOW” into your 
    lab/do now notebook spiral, college-ruled notebook.  Do not wait for us to 
    ask you to do it.  Once you are in the room, you will not be allowed to 
    go “wherever” you have to go.  Come prepared.  There is no going to your 
    locker.  My definition of on time means being 
    entirely physically in the classroom ready to work in your seats.  Not dilly-
    dallying. No excuses.
    2.  What you must bring EVERYDAY to class:  
    REQUIRED materials: 
    a.	Periodic Table (given in class)
    b.	Non Graphing Calculators ONLY.  Scientific Calculator (must have LOG 
    key) - [recommend TI- 30 series) for Academic Chem ONLY.
    c.	3- Ring Binder one inch with plastic cover.  AND WITH PAPER inside.  Binders should have plastic 
    pockets in both the front and back for organization.  Keep everything in this binder because there 
    will be a binder quiz at the end of the quarter.  Divide the binder into three 
    sections for Reference Sheets given in class, Packets and WS
    d.	Spiral 2 Subject Lab/Do Now Notebook, Pens AND Pencils.  
    Highlighter.  Write neatly or answer will be marked incorrect.  Name, date 
    and period must be written on all assignments and papers or points will be 
    deducted.  All math must be done in pencil or points will be deducted.   
    e.	COVERED TEXTBOOK. Cover your textbook and bring it back the next day when I ask for it.  After 
    you show me your covered book with your name inside it, then you can take it home and leave it 
    f.  Thumb Drive
    Period.  This is not my rule, but a school rule.  It must be visible around your neck.  Not on your hip, 
    bookbag, pocketbook, etc.  If I don't see it, you lose 5 points, go to the media center to pay to get a 
    new ID for $5, and will not be allowed to make up the minutes that you took away from our class.  
    The only time you are allowed to take off your ID in this room is during a test or a lab.
    h.  mini stapler with staples
    i.  white out, highlighter 
    3.   Wait for proper dismissal at the end of the period. Do not pack up or 
    start to leave before we tell you to.  Students are dismissed by the 
    teacher, not by the bell.  If you are rude, you will stay and make up the 
    time.  No late pass to your next class will be given.  Do not leave your 
    seats for any reason without permission from the instructor. We work bell to 
    4.  Bathroom:  Due to safety reasons, go to the bathroom before or 
    after class.  You will miss safety directions or instructions or lessons 
    that may put the safety of others at stake.   Due to safety reasons, we’d 
    like you in this room from bell to bell.
    5.  There will be HW in Chemistry EVERYDAY!  Absolutely!  Chem-IS-TRY!  
    Chemistry needs to be practiced in order to excel.  Embrace it.  It is not a 
    punishment, this teacher just cares that you do well!  The only way to 
    succeed is to practice! Wasting time will not be tolerated.  No late HW is 
    accepted.  You must have it at the time that we ask for it or it is a zero.
    Assignments are due at the start of the class period.  If an assignment is 
    not turned in at the start of class, it receives a grade of zero.  
    According to district policy, there is no make up for the homework that is 
    not completed.
    6.  What do I do if I am going to be/have been absent?
    a.	Call/email your absent buddy or someone from your co-op group.  It 
    is YOUR responsibility to get the assignment.  Your buddy should have 
    collected the papers for you.
    b.  Check the website after 3 pm under the HW page and Do/Now Objectives to see what we did that 
    c.	Walk over to the absent folder and get your assignment.  This is to 
    be done before school, before class.  NOT while Korff is
    teaching or while other kids are learning.  Do not disrupt the class. 
    d.	Do the HW, classwork, lab.  If you don’t understand, get help.  For 
    everyday you are absent, you have 2 days to make it up.  LATE WORK WILL NOT 
    be accepted.  We do not chase you for assignments.  If we don’t see it by 
    the time it is due, you will receive a zero for that assignment.  We 
    repeat.  We DO NOT CHASE you for assignments.  You were warned.  Do not be upset.  Take 
    responsibility.  Don't tell me you didn't know I collected it, blah blah.  We are teaching you to be 
    assertive.  You go up to us and say, "Here is page 12 that you guys did yesterday."  After class of 
    7.  What do I do if I am absent the day of the test or project?  If you knew 
    that I was going to give a test, quiz, etc. and you are absent the day of 
    the assessment, you must take it the next day!  It is YOUR responsibility to 
    make an appointment with me.  If it is not made up, it will be a zero.  We don't play the game of 
    giving a test a month after the rest of the class has taken it.
    8.  Perform only those experiments that you specifically have been assigned 
    to do. Follow the instructions for the lab implicitly and OBSERVE ALL SAFETY 
    RULES. Horseplay of any kind is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN in the laboratory and 
    9.  Safety goggles must be worn when directed by the teacher or laboratory 
    instructions.  Be careful handling all laboratory equipment.  Clean up after 
    yourself in the laboratory.  Food or drinks (yes, this means water bottles 
    too) are never allowed in the lecture room or lab.  These are state laws!
    10.  Shoes must be worn at all times in the lab. Open toed shoes are not 
    allowed if we are doing a lab.  If you arrive at lab with open-toed shoes, 
    you are not allowed to perform the lab.  Due to safety reasons, 
    you will be asked to change or make up the lab the same day, after school. 
    Failure to do so will result in a zero. Clothing that does not conform to 
    the school's DRESS CODE is unacceptable.  
    11.  You are expected to maintain a mature business-like attitude during 
    lecture and lab. ONE PERSON TALKS AT A TIME PLEASE! If you wish to 
    contribute to a discussion or answer a question, raise your hand to be 
    called on by the teacher.  This is not a SPRINGER room. If you have a 
    comment or question, please raise your hand to be recognized.
    12.  Academic Integrity-Cheating Defined
    A.	Knowingly providing your work/answers to another student for them to 
    copy as their own. (Giver)
    B.	Knowingly copying another student’s work/answers and submitting them 
    as your own. (Receiver)
    C.	Using illicit or banned materials during a test/quiz situation.
    D.	Knowingly submitting work completed by another student as your own.
    You will be dealt with according to school policy.  It is not worth it to 
    lose our respect and trust for you.
    13.  Fire Drills—Meet at the gate behind H hall if we are in L-1.  Meet at 
    the bottom of the hill by the practice football field if we are in L-9.  All 
    students MUST find me and check in.  ATTENDANCE IS TAKEN.  Failure to report 
    to me will cost you a zero for your weekly grade.
    14.  Lab reports MUST be stapled before the bell rings or I will take points 
    off for not being prepared. Lab reports and projects turned in late will be 
    lowered 10% for each day it is late.  However, if the lab or project is 
    already returned to the other students, your lab or project will not be 
    15.  Work should be done in pencil when doing math problems.
    **These rules will be followed so that all students can learn in a safe 
    **You will be given a quarterly quiz grade just for doing the right 
    **If these rules are violated, you will have points deducted plus 
    I am available for extra help everyday before and after school.  Here’s to 
    an enjoyable and successful year as we travel through chemistry together!
    Springer learning environments are not and will not be tolerated.
    All jokes made by the teachers, no matter how stupid they are, must be 
    Academic Chem:
    Tests/Quizzes 50%
    Labs 40%
    HW/CW 10%