• Welcome to Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School.

    Hammarskjold is a grade 5-6 school with a tradition of excellence that is nationally recognized and committed to providing all of our students with a school environment that enables them to grow intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

    Our school offers our student body of 1450 students a very comprehensive educational program intended to challenge our students to achieve to their maximum potential. We encourage our students to become “risk-takers” who use critical thinking skills and develop a "positive attitude" about themselves and about learning.

    The focus of our instruction at Hammarskjold is “hands-on” and “student-centered”. Cooperative learning activities facilitate the involvement of all of our students in the learning process. The support and involvement of our parents helps to formulate the climate of “working together” in such a way that everyone is working to help each and every child succeed.

    Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School has interactive and presentation technology in every classroom. Our interactive technology has allowed us to integrate technology into every aspect of our programs. Technology training for our staff and our students is a major focus for us and includes the use of recent communication technologies, such as Smart Boards, handheld interactive devices for students, streaming video and the live video system that we presently use for communicative purposes.

    Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School provides a learner-friendly environment with a focus on respect, safety, and academic excellence. It is a school that excels in all areas of student life and we invite you to learn more about us by visiting some of our very interesting and informative website pages. 

    Enjoy your visit!

    Dr. Michael Gaskell,

    Ms. Sara DiMaggio (Assistant Principal/5th)
    Mr. Enoch Nyamekye (Assistant Principal/6th)