• Chem A Rules & Expectations

    Academic Chemistry  2018-2019        Ms. Posluszny        Email: KPosluszny@ebnet.org                                                            

     *Classroom Guidelines and Student Expectations*

       1. Always come to class prepared each day with the necessary materials and be ready to work. Locker passes will NOT be issued to retrieve forgotten items. You must bring the following items with you each day to class:

    1. Your notebook (A three ring binder with paper and your class handouts/worksheets)
    2. A scientific calculator (NON - GRAPHING). ONLY non-graphing calculators are allowed to be used on any evaluations (tests, quizzes, Midterm Exam, Final Exam, etc.)!            
    3. Pen and pencil. A highlighter will also be helpful.
    4. Student ID. This is school policy-don’t waste my time making me remind you to wear them. It must be worn in the “zone”, the whole period (when you enter the room until you have left my room)

    **You do not have to bring your textbook to class unless you are told.  It will be used for reference. You will have assigned readings and homework questions from the book.


    1. Check my website daily. After 3:15pm the assignments are set for that day. Assignments and other important class information will be posted on my website.  If you are unsure what work is due, you are expected to check my website.  It is also expected that you will leave yourself enough time to check the website and obtain the assignment.  It is a good idea to have the number of a friend in class to call if something happens to your computer and you can’t check the HW. 


    1. Be on time to class. Lateness will not be tolerated. Being on time means that you are in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings. Lateness will be handled according to EBHS School Policy. The first late is recorded as a warning. Any further lates, are reported to the administration. If you are detained by another teacher or administrator, it is your responsibility to ask them to issue you a late pass. If you do not have a valid written pass in your hands when you enter the room, you will be considered late.


    1. When entering the classroom you are expected to put your cell phone in the holder, take your seat and begin working on the DO NOW on the board. Also on the board there may be info about the homework assignment that is due the next day. Copy this info/homework into your agenda. It is your responsibility to check the homework that will be posted on my website each day- so there is no excuse for not knowing what is due.


    1. NO CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phone usage and charging of cell phones in this class will not be tolerated. Cell phones must be placed in the cell phone holder before the bell rings each day and cannot be removed until after the second bell rings. If you do not place your cell phone in the holder, and I subsequently see your phone is out during class ( meaning anywhere on you or near you) you have violated this contract and will be written up.  If you do not have a cell phone see me. Cell phones, apple or smart watches, cameras, laptops, etc. or any other items that are unsafe or distract from learning will be confiscated and turned over to the office as per district policy. BE AWARE THAT if your phone goes off during class and it is on your body, you will receive a ZERO for the class assignment!  This includes labs, tests, quizzes, the midterm or the final…  for any assignment you will be given a ZERO!


    1. Class is from bell to bell. I will dismiss you. If you have completed your class assignment, you may begin working on your chemistry H.W. or Lab.   Do not “pack up early”.  Remain in your seat and do not line up at the door until dismissed.


    1. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed. Check the class website for your homework. I will not chase you down for missed assignments!  Missed work will be made up according to school policy.  For every EXCUSED day absent, you will have two days to make the work up.  If you miss a lab, you will need to stay afterschool to make it up.  Lab work must be made up within one week of your return.  In addition, If you are absent the day of a test or quiz and you were in class the day before; you will be required to make up the test/quiz the day you return to school.      Also, ALL make-up work is to be handed in directly to me- not another teacher or substitute.


    1. Your grade will be determined by the weighted average of the following components:
    2. Tests& Quizzes……50% B. Labs….….40% C.  Homework & Classwork………..10%

                    As per district policy, there is no extra credit or the retaking of tests in this class. In order to pass this class, you must achieve a final average of at least 60% based on tests,                           quizzes, labs, homework, and classwork.


    1. The tests and quizzes in this class are based on the information you have received from class discussions, homework, textbook readings, and labs. It is important that you take notes and participate in all work done in class. Tests and quizzes make up 55% of your grade. Quizzes do not have to be announced.


    1. Lab reports count as 40% of your grade. All reports are to be completed in blue or black ink in the format directed. Lab data is the only part of a lab that should be identical to your lab partner. Procedure, Observations, Calculations, Questions and the Conclusion should be in your own words.  Lab reports are due on the stated due date.  Ten percent (10%) will be deducted from your lab grade each day the report is late.  A lab is considered to be late if it is not on my desk at the beginning of the period, stapled and without paper fringes!


    1. Chemistry Lab Procedures: It is absolutely essential for you to abide by all safety guidelines established in this classroom. NO FOOD OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN A SCIENCE LAB. THIS INCLUDES WATER BOTTLES! You are required to come to each lab period properly dressed and are expected to wear safety equipment as directed.  No open-toed shoes or shorts will be allowed.  Long hair must be tied back.  Safety goggles will be worn during all labs and class demonstrations. If you do not come properly dressed, or do not follow all safety guidelines as directed by your teacher or written in the lab, you will not be allowed to complete the lab and will receive a ZERO! 


    1. Packets and handouts : Do not lose them - you will not be given another. Pages will be assigned for H.W. and C.W. Do not separate any pages, but you may staple work on a separate sheet of paper to a page. You may be asked to turn in the work for a page on a separate sheet of paper.  Pages may be checked for a grade at any point.  All required work must be shown or attached to THAT page for credit.  The entire packet is due on the day of a test!!! 


    1. Homework will be assigned every night in chemistry. The assignment will be studying, reading the text and/or assigned questions from the text or a worksheet. This work will be collected or checked the next day. Homework is due at the beginning of class. NO LATE HOMEWORK WILL BE ACCEPTED!  You are expected to attempt and complete all of the work assigned.  You must show work for credit, not just answers.  Homework not turned in or completed at the start of class will be given a zero.  Lab reports and projects turned in late, will have their grade lowered by 10% each day. There will also be homework quizzes.  These quizzes can include questions from the reading, any problems assigned, and include topics that were not discussed in class but were assigned. 


    1. Written work must be neat and complete. If I cannot read your handwriting, I will not be able to grade your work. When solving a problem, all work must be shown as directed in class. You will not receive credit for simply writing your answer. NO WORK = NO CREDIT.


    1. Academic Integrity. In class, you will be working in cooperative learning groups and will have lab partners. Group discussions and sharing ideas with other students are an important part of chemistry.  But, you are expected to complete all graded written work on your own (ex. homework, labs, etc.).  If an assignment is a group assignment, it will be clearly defined as a group assignment and will be graded as a group grade.  Otherwise, assume all assignments are individual.  Knowingly copying or providing answers to/from another student will be defined as cheating.  Outside sources must be properly sited when used in written work or projects. In addition, using banned materials on a test, quiz, lab, homework, or classwork will be considered cheating. Please ask if you have any questions about your assignments or work. The consequences for cheating will be in accordance with the East Brunswick Academic Integrity Code. 


    1. Passes to bathroom are kept at a minimum for safety reasons. I need you in my room from bell to bell.


    1. Fire drills. If we are in L-13, we will meet outside behind H –Hall by the back gate. If we are in K Hall, we will meet outside behind K-Hall. You must meet and stay in our designated spot. I have to take attendance.  If you do not report to me, you will be written up. For other drills(Lockdown) I expect you to be quiet and attentive throughout the entire drill.


    1. Extra Help. Please come and see me as soon as you are having any difficulties. In general, I will be before school (7:06) and after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and by appointment. If you are planning to come, please let me know and I will let you know of my availability for that day.


    I look forward to working with you to have a pHun, successful and informative year in Chemistry!!!