• Welcome to CJHS Chorus


    J. De Siena 



    #teamchorus Winter concert: December 18, 2019

    District Choral Festival: February 3, 2020

    Spring concert:  May 13, 2020

    Pops concert: June 3, 2020

    *Dorney Park: May 30, 2019 optional


    Attire for performers:  black bottoms, black tops, black sensible shoes

    Gentlemen will be loaned green satin matching ties


    Dear Chorus Member,


    I’m so glad you’re here!  We’re going to have an amazing year of music making and a lot of fun at the same time.  I want you to enjoy our work together so let’s get a few of the details out of the way.  Here are the expectations for this class.

    Each week you will receive two grades based on your effort and achievement in following areas.



    Focused participation - 35%


    • Are you on time to class?
    • Are you prepared with the required materials?
    • Do you sing when you’re supposed to sing and listen when you’re supposed to listen?
    • Do you make positive contributions to our discussions?
    • Are you actively involved in all class activities?


    Technical Development – 35%


    • Do you consistently demonstrate proper singing position?
    • Do you attempt to comply with all technical instructions?
    • Do you use your voice in a healthy and safe manner?
    • Is there evidence of vocal maturation?
    • Is there evidence of musical independence?


    Quizzes/Written assignments – 10% 


    • Do you have translations, breath marks, phrasing and other musical markings  covered in rehearsal written in your music?        
    • When given a “Do-Now” is the assignment complete?
    • Quizzes can be written or performance  
    • Midterm-written exam; Final-performance based exam


    Concert/Dress Rehearsal – 20%


    • Attendance at the Dress Rehearsal and Concert is Mandatory. 
    • The Dress Rehearsals are in place to address specific and logistical aspects of an upcoming performance and takes place during the school day on the concert date.
    • The daily concert preparation constitutes the culminating experience of the performance.
    • You may be excused from a concert by receiving approval from the director at least two weeks (fourteen calendar days) in advance or by a verifiable emergency. Approval for EXCUSED ABSENCES IS RARE and are granted at the discretion of the director. In the unlikely event you are granted an excused absence, you must complete a supplemental assignment in order to not receive a zero.If a performance is missed for an excused absence, you will be assigned a major research project, selected by the teacher, in lieu of the concert. This is so you may receive a Performance Grade.


    Each student is expected to:

      1. Be in assigned seat and working on “Do-Now” by the time the bell rings.

      2. Have required materials (chorus folder, PENCIL, and theory packet)

      3. Be “gum-free” by the bell.

      4. Place backpacks on the floor against the wall and out of walking paths.

      5. Use bathroom facilities between classes whenever possible.

      6. Demonstrate respect for yourself and ALL others.

      7. Show consistent effort, initiative and loyalty to the ensemble.

      8. Be kind. This is our Chorus family. Look out for each other.