East Brunswick High School

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

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Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

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  • East Brunswick High School
    380 Cranbury Road
    East Brunswick, NJ 08816 

    Principal:  Dr. Michael W. Vinella 

                     Phone:  (732) 613-6904;  E-Mail:  mvinella@ebnet.org;  Twitter:  @EBHSprinc 

    Assistant Principals:
    Christine Sce     (Grade 10)   
    Phone:  (732) 613-6907

    Glen Pazinko     (Grade 11)             Phone:  (732) 613-6902

    Matthew Hanas (Grade 12)             Phone:  (732) 613-6909  
    Main Office: (732) 613-6901   
    Fax:              (732) 254-1938



    E-mail:  EBHS@ebnet.org

    Attendance: (732) 613-6911

    Nurses: (732) 613-6960

    School Counseling Department:  (732) 613-6940

    Athletics Department ..............................................................(732) 613-6930

                                           Boys Locker Room ................................(732) 613-6936

                                           Girls Locker Room......... .......................(732) 613-6937

The Clarion

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Student of the Month

  • Student of the Month  



    John Famiglietti                  Grade 12

    Rachel Lobo                       Grade 11

    Sarah Bores                       Grade 10



    Sari Reiter                  Grade 12

    Apostolos Maroulis     Grade 11

    Marlena Stein              Grade 10



    Elliot Rosen                  Grade 12

    Priya Patti                    Grade 11

    Reese Cioffi                  Grade 10



    Amanda Nevis               Grade 12

    Sarah Taffet                   Grade 11

       Benjamin Hong           Grade 10



    Daniel Buttafuoco           Grade 12

    Tanya Upadhyaya           Grade 11

       Kaitlyn Zebro                Grade 10



    Saisanjana Vellampalli        Grade 12

    Mina Awad                            Grade 11

       Cayla Perez                           Grade 10   

    Paul Nicolaro         Grade 12

    Priya Patti             Grade 11

    Ava Robertson       Grade 10

    Rosemary Wei       Grade 12

    Lucy Zou                Grade 11

    Paromita Das         Grade 10


EBHS Emergency Reporting Procedures


    EBHS School Safety Emergency Reporting Procedures


    If you have any question(s) about school safety or wish to report a suspicious incident or safety-related matter, please call during school hours. 

     East Brunswick High School (732-613-6901)


     If you need to report a school safety issue during school hours and wish to remain anonymous, please call your school’s ANONYMOUS EMERGENCY HOTLINE during school hours.

     East Brunswick High School (732-613-6920)


    If you need to report a school safety issue after school hours, you can call the East Brunswick Police Department at: 

    732-390-6900 or 9-1-1 for immediate emergency assistance. 


     Effective September 7, 1999, the state has established a school safety hotline in the Division of State Police. The number of the toll-free hotline is 1-877-624-8082.

     Calls to this statewide hotline will be received by the Division of State Police and will be immediately transferred to the PSAP (Public Safety Access Point) for the municipal police department or the State Police barracks providing local law enforcement services for the municipality in which the school that is the subject of the call is located.

     Telephone calls to the new statewide hotline will not be anonymous in order to deter the misuse of this line to make false bomb threats against schools. Furthermore, these calls will be recorded on audiotape until such time as the call is transferred to the PSAP. Upon receiving a transferred call from the statewide hotline, law enforcement agencies will handle the call in the same manner in which they would have handled it if the information supplied came from a direct call to the local law enforcement agency.