Mrs. Kelly Bond, Director
    Mrs. Susan Luchino, Secretary
    Mrs. Nicole McNamara, Supervisor of Special Education (Grades PK-5)
    Mrs. Rosalia Minevini, Supervisor of Special Education (Grades 6-12)
    Dr. Christie Schutz-Vincelli, Supervisor of Special Education (Special Class Programs)
    The Office of Special Education oversee the evaluation, identification and specialized programming designed to meet the needs of classifed students. If you have or know of child between the ages of three and 21 who has a delay or disability and has troubling learning please call the Office of Special Education at 732-613-6748 to learn more about the child study team referral process.

    The Child Study Team (CST) is comprised of Learning Disability Teacher Consultants (LDT-C), School Social Workers and School Psychologists. In addition to testing and evaluating children, the team members work closely with teachers and parents to develop an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for each classified student. They also monitor the progress of students and consult with parents, teachers and school administrators.

    Programs provided depend on the individual needs of the identified students. Related services can include speech/language, occupational and physical therapy. Students can be identified as eligible as early as their third birthday. Programs include:

    Early childhood development classes; If you are concerned that your child ages three to twenty one, may have a developmental delay in academics, motor, social, and/or language areas, or if your child has a diagnosed disability, call the Special Education Department at (732)613-6748. The Child Study Team (CST) will schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns. The Child Study Team consists of a school psychologist, learning consultant, social worker and speech/language specialist. The Child Study Team, with input from parents, will identify the evaluations that may be needed in order to determine your child's eligibility for Special Education and Related Services. Preschool programs are available to meet the needs of eligible children.
    The district offers continuum of special education programs and related services which appropriately addresses the needs of special education students.