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    Learn all about Mrs. Chacko! 
    In addition to helping her students discover, learn, and grow, Mrs. Chacko enjoys reading, running, and looking for seaglass at the beach.  She also enjoys visiting historic places and sharing fun facts with her class.   Mrs. Chacko's mission for her second graders is to provide a safe, positive, and enriching learning environment where everyone's unique learning styles are celebrated everyday.  Together, Mrs. Chacko and her students will set goals and work hard to achieve them!


     Mrs. Chacko was a 2nd Grader in 1996 and 1997!


    These were some of her favorite things when she was in 2nd Grade!

    Band- The Spice Girls

    School Lunch- Tacos

    Recess Game- TV Tag

    TV Show-Rugrats 

    Subject- Science

    After School Activity- Soccer and Brownies

    Movies- Matilda and The Little Rascals

    School Memory- A field trip to Sandy Hook