• NAME: Charna Donoghue 
    SCHOOL: Irwin Elementary School
    CLASS: First Grade Room 1105
    SCHOOL PHONE: 732-613-6840
    EMAIL: cdonoghue@ebnet.org


    I am so happy to be at Irwin Elementary! Here are a few facts about me!
    *I graduated from Kean University with a BS in Elementary Education 
    and Math. *I have a MA from Kean University in Special Education. *I have taught both first and second grades.
    *My husband's name is Michael.
    *My daughter's name is Emma.
    *I have two dogs named Allie and Louie.
    *Emma has a cat named Sophia. *I have one brother named David.
    *I love chocolate.
    *I am very excited to be teaching second grade in room 3!!

    Our Class Mission

    In our classroom we will work hard to create a happy learning environment.  
    We will try our best everyday! We will be kind and supportive of our friends
    and always remember to never give up! We will have fun while learning!