HW pencil
  •    Please check your child's home folder EVERYDAY, as homework and important notices will be sent home daily. 

    During the year, your child's homework will consist of 
     math, reading, handwriting, and sight words.
     Your child should read/be read to about 10-15 minutes per night .  
    Each night your child should practice their sight word flashcards. Tuesdays and Thursdays they will learn new sight words in class with activites sent home to reinforce what was taught.
    As lessons are taught throughout the year, your child will bring home math worksheets. You will also be given a math calendar at the start of each month with activities to do at home each night.These activities will reinforce skills taught in the classroom. There will also be a family activity book sent home to support skills and math games taught in the classroom. 
    On Wednesdays there is writing homework. A journal will come home with your child and a list of suggested writing prompts in the front cover. Please help your child write in complete sentence with proper letter formation. Allow your child to sound out and phonestically spell words in their journal. They can then draw and color a picture to math their writing!

          ****There Will Not Be Any Homework On Fridays!!!****

      Thank you for your constant support and cooperation!