• East Brunswick High School
    Graduation Requirements

    In order to receive an East Brunswick High School diploma, there are mandated state and district required courses and credits that must be met in grades 9-12. Students will be required to have completed 140 credits to earn their diplomas.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
  • Promotion and Graduation Credit Requirements

    Credit will be awarded for courses which have been completed. Partial credit is not given for partial study.

    Credit Hours Required by Grade:

    • Grade 09 to 10 - 35 credits
    • Grade 10 to 11 - 70 credits (cumulative)
    • Grade 11 to 12 - 105 credits (cumulative)
    • Grade 12 to Graduation - 140 credits (cumulative)

    All subjects which meet five days per cycle for a full year will carry five credits. Lab sciences will carry six or seven credits. Semester courses which meet five days per cycle will carry two and one-half credits. A credit is defined as the equivalent of a class period of instruction which meets for a minimum of forty- two minutes per week during the school year.

    For example:




    Spanish I

    5 – 5

    Full year course, meets five days per cycle for five credits.


    5 -7.5

    Full year course, meets six days per cycle for six credits.

    Computer Graphics

    5 – 2.5

    Semester course, meets five days per cycle for half of a year for two and one-half credits.

    Driver Education

    5 – 1.25

    Quarter course, meets five days per cycle for one quarter of the year for one and one-quarter credits.