• Churchill Junior High School
    Five Year Academic Planner

    The planning, decisions and projection of courses over the next five years should be made with a focus towards future career goals, satisfying high school graduation and post-secondary requirements. Your academic plan should be reexamined on a yearly basis, taking into account academic performance, assessments and future aspirations.

    Courses taken in eighth grade will not appear on your high school transcript, nor will they be seen by colleges or universities. However, these classes serve as the basis for access to the ninth grade curriculum in terms of course offerings and levels, so successful performance is important. As you consider the comprehensive array of courses available to 8th grade students, please examine them in the context of planning and projecting your four years of high school.

Five Year Academic Planner

Academic Planner
  • Key:

    A - Academic
    ACC – Accelerated                       
    H – Honors
    AP – Advanced Placement
    DCC - Dual Credit Course