• Will my college credits transfer?


    College credits can be transferable to multiple universities, but are not guaranteed. Please use the guide below when determining course transferability. 

    For Colleges in New Jersey

    • Go to www.njtransfer.com for the NJ Transfer Portal. 
    • Select "Students" followed by "Find Course Equivalencies"

    • In the "Transfer From Institutions" box select either Rugters, Middlesex College, or The College of New Jersey, depending on the college the Dual Enrollment credits will come from. 
    • In the "Transfer To Institution" box select the college of interest. 
    • Click "Submit."

    • The next screen will display the course equivalencies, which looks like the screen below. The top part is the Dual Enrollment course, while the bottom indicates the course it will transfer to. Please refer to the specific university of interest for information regarding the course and its relevance to your academic progress.


    For Colleges Outside of New Jersey

    • Please refer to your specific university for course transferability. Information can typically be found on the university website or by contacting an academic advisor.