• Payment Information

    First, students will need to ensure that they claim their Net ID. 
    1. Go to https://netid.middlesexcc.edu/idp/AuthnEngine#/authn
    2. Select "Claim My Account" and click submit
    3. Select "Student account claim" and click next
    4. Students should put in their birthday as they see it on the screen. Put in the Middlesex College ID#, which was found on your statement. 
    5. Select "I agree to terms" and click next. 
    6. Follow the prompts to set up a username and password.

    If the Net ID has been claimed but students do not recall their username and password, they should email MCCDE@middlesexcc.edu from their EBNet accounts. In the email, students should include the request, their full name, birthdate and address for verification. Check both the inbox and spam folders for a response - password resets are time limited. 

    The college has now started a new two factor authentication system. If this is your first time logging in. 
    1. Go to: https://selfserv.middlesexcc.edu/Student/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fStudent
    2. On the screen below, put in your Net ID (as claimed above)
    3. The next screen will prompt you to pick an account. 
    4. Select "Use another account."
    5. On the next screen, put in your Middlesex College email. It is [NetID]@my.middlesexcc.edu. 
    6. Put in your MC password. It is the same one used on the self-service site previously. 
    7. The next screen will ask you to set up the two-factor authentication. While you can download the app, it is recommenced to select "Alternative Method" at the bottom of that screen. From there, select phone to get a call or text with a code. 
    8. Once the process is complete, select "Finance" and "Make Payment." Proceed with the prompts on screen. 


    Below are the directions to request a transcript, provided on behalf of Middlesex College. 


    Dear Middlesex College Dual Enrollment Student,

    Thank you for participating in Middlesex College’s dual enrollment program.  Congratulations on getting a head start on college!  Your dual enrollment grades will be posted to a Middlesex College transcript by July 15.  If you submitted a dual enrollment application and paid for your course(s), you will be able to apply your college credits toward a degree or certificate program at Middlesex College or submit them for transfer evaluation at other institutions. 

    For graduating seniors:

    To transfer your Middlesex College credits, please use this link to order an official transcript:  https://www.middlesexcollege.edu/registrar/transcripts/

    To matriculate at Middlesex College, please use this link to apply as an incoming freshman:  https://www.middlesexcollege.edu/admissions/new-students/

    We hope your dual enrollment experience has helped prepare you for the transition to college and we wish you the best of luck with your future education and career endeavors!  If you are attending another institution and would like to participate in summer courses in the future, please consider Middlesex College and apply as a visiting student when you are ready.

    All other students:

    If you need a copy of your transcript, please use this link to place an order:  https://www.middlesexcollege.edu/registrar/transcripts/  or login to your self-service account to view an unofficial transcript.  Be sure to save your MC ID# and self-service login information for future dual enrollment registration.

    Questions?  Please reach out to the K-12 team:

    Call: 732.906.2554

    Text: 732.902.0211

    Email: K12Partnerships@middlesexcc.edu

    *Important notes:

    • Middlesex College cannot guarantee credit transfer to other institutions.
    • Transcripts will not be available if students have outstanding balances.
    • Students are responsible for confirming posted grades before ordering a transcript. Please login to self-service to check for grades prior to submitting a transcript order.


    Office of K-12 Partnerships


    Grades for transcript

    Grades are updated at the end of the school year, which includes Semester 1 courses. Courses that are two sequence courses will have the final grade placed into the transcript for both courses. Grades will be updated according to the Matrix below. 


    To request a course syllabus or abstract

    For Middlesex College course abstracts and descriptions, please click here: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/academic-advising/course-syllabi/