• Grant Recipients 2022-2023



    These grants, awarded during the fall of each year for amounts that are more than a mini grant, recognize Amy Fisher, a co-founder and past honoree of the Foundation. Amy was instrumental in the Foundation’s successful growth.

    Churchill Junior High School

    The Butterfly Effect-Edith Weinstein and Katherine Merton

    As per principal, Matt Hanas, “In its first year, The Butterfly Effect Project provided a unique and creative way for students to engage in meaningful service projects that help others.” Funding will make it possible for this project to continue for a second consecutive year. Like last year, interested students will present their visions for service projects. From the applicant pool, 100 students will receive small monetary “grants” to support them in bringing their visions to reality.

     East Brunswick High School

    Antonio Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery-Arvin Gopal

    The goal of this project is to present a self-produced production of Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery at the EBHS Winter Orchestra Concert. The show is centered on Vivaldi’s music, and is told through narration, acting, and musical performance. The East Brunswick community will enjoy excerpts from Vivaldi’s most popular and important works. Funds will allow for the hiring of professional musicians to play demanding solo parts.


    Lawrence Brook Elementary School

    LBTV - From News Anchors to News Creators-Christin Kim and Alissa Pagano

    The goal of this grant is twofold; to provide students in the LBTV Video Newsmakers Club with the technology that will allow them to take ownership of broadcasting process, and to positively impact the school community. The MacBooks that will be purchased with grant funds have the necessary technology to meet these goals. Club participants will learn how to edit videos, add audio files, and include special effects for and in their newscasts. The school community will benefit from their efforts.


    Funding of this grant in honor of Amy Fisher has been made possible by the generosity of the Northfield Bank Foundation.

    Central Elementary School

    Piece by Peace: 17 Sustainable Development Goals with Disability Inclusion-Angeliki Karakoglou

    The intention for this project is to educate, inspire, and empower students to raise awareness towards a more just and sustainable world. In partnership with the Seward Johnson Atelier at the Grounds for Sculpture (GFS), students will be creating art in connection to the UN's 17 Sustainable Goals in Sand Mold Relief Sculptures. These individual pieces will be carved out and then sent to the GFS for an aluminum pouring. These aluminum castings will be joined together to create a movable mural, allowing this art installation to be displayed at Central School or transported to other East Brunswick Schools sponsored events and displays.



    The East Brunswick High School Class of 1989 has generously funded this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation, on the occasion of their 25 year reunion,

    in memory of classmates that have passed away.

    East Brunswick High School and Churchill Junior High School

    AYLUS/EBEF-EBMB Audio Upgrade-Brian Toth

    The goal of this grant is to update the way in which the East Brunswick Marching Band (EBMB) moves its equipment from the truck to the field and back to the truck. The sleek design of the Titan Covered Synth Frame, which will be purchased with grant funds, is engineered to handle the challenges of transporting and safeguarding sensitive gear in all kinds of weather.

    (This year the EBEF is pleased and grateful to be partnering with AYLUS Raritan Valley NJ along with the Class of 1989 in support of this worthwhile upgrade for the EBMB. EBHS ALYUS Raritan Valley NJ members have collaborated to donate a total amount of $4,000.00 to benefit various EBHS Clubs/Activities. As directed by the AYLUS members, $1,000.00 has been given to the EBMB for this purpose.)       


    On an annual basis, the Kabus Foundation provides a significant donation that will be matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. To highlight Dr. Kabus’ love of the sciences, especially in his high school years, this grant is directed to the East Brunswick High School’s Science Department for programs, equipment and/or materials that advance learning, research and progress in the sciences. Dr. David Lloyd Kabus graduated from East Brunswick High School in 1981. He was valedictorian and won the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. He graduated Summa cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania and with honors from SUNY Buffalo Medical School. After his residency at NYU and fellowship at Sloan Kettering, he joined the Ridgewood Pathology Group where he became a full partner in five years.

    East Brunswick High School

    Understanding Evolution and Animal Classification through Investigation-Jessica DiBenedetti and Jennifer Post

    A variety of dissection materials will be purchased with grant funds, thus providing AP Biology students with a hands-on experiential approach to the study of evolution and animal classification. Dissection is an effective way for students to engage with and learn about the biological world, and it can help to foster a lifelong appreciation for science.  


    The family of Venu Madhav Bandaru, East Brunswick High School Class of 1989, has generously funded this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. This grant is directed to the Science or Math Departments at East Brunswick High, Churchill Junior High or Hammarskjold Middle Schools.

    East Brunswick High School

    Vernier Technology to Increase STEM Skills in Science-Jessica DiBenedetti

    Funds will allow for the purchase of six Vernier sensors. The implementation of high-quality sensors, experiments, and resources in a classroom or laboratory, enables students to explore science in new ways within multiple science curriculums. Students will be able to investigate natural phenomena and solve real world problems that align closely with the Science and Engineering Practices included in the Next Generation Science Standards. Along with the hands-on experience, the use of the sensors allows for graphical displays of data that students will be able to analyze and interpret.



    This annual grant has been funded by donations from the family and friends of Mario “Chic” DeCarolis, who devoted his life to teaching music in the East Brunswick community for over 30 years. In his memory, this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation, will fund special events, guest musicians, and other projects that benefit East Brunswick music students.

    Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School, Churchill Junior High School, and East Brunswick High School

    14th Annual Night of Jazz Concert-Michelle DaGrosa

    This year’s event will feature the Full Count Big Band who will perform a 45 minute set highlighting jazz standards and modeling for the students participating in the District’s jazz ensembles. Concert attendees will also enjoy performances by the Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School Jazz Band, the Churchill Junior High School Jazz Ensemble, the East Brunswick High School Jazz Ensemble and the East Brunswick High School Jazz Choir. This annual event creates a sense of “comradery” and vertical articulation for and by students at all levels.



    These grants are awarded annually (usually in January) for grant requests between $2,500 and $7,500 for special projects or events of enduring value.

    Central, Chittick, and Irwin Elementary Schools

    Hooray for Hands-on Preschool!-Vanessa Silvia, Sarah Powers, Maryann Hyatt, Danielle Kovach, and Kathleen Parkinson

    Preschoolers grow socially, emotionally, and academically through individual and collaborative play. This grant, a collaborative effort by integrated preschool teachers, will fund the purchase of a variety of hands-on materials that will enhance the curriculum in six classrooms. The new materials will add variety and choice to learning centers and allow teachers and paraprofessionals to work with students one-on-one and in small groups to practice and reinforce important skills that were previously taught.

    Hammarskjold Upper Elementary School

    Piano Lab System-Alex Delbar

    The goal of this project is to acquire the equipment necessary to create a state-of-the-art piano classroom. The piano is an instrument best taught in a one to one student to teacher ratio. The piano lab system connects all the pianos in a classroom to a central console. The flexibility that the system provides allows the teacher to give that individual instruction during a group class. Acquiring this system will update the Hammarskjold piano program, making it what it needs to be to prepare students for their continued studies at the junior high and high school levels.

     Frost Elementary School

    Beyond the Book-Nyree Delgado, Vickie Albert, Nicole Haas, Stacy DeFalco, Carlos Garcia

    The goal of this grant is to build a library that includes high interest/low level books, audio books, large print texts, 3-D maps, and VR Oculus goggles to take virtual field trips; a library that goes Beyond the Book to meet the needs of Frost School’s diverse student population. Once a week students with IEPs, English Language Learners, and those receiving Basic Skills (145 students or 38.1% of Frost’s total enrollment) will visit the Beyond the Book library to shop for resources. Based on the student's learning modalities, selections will be made to best support literacy growth and development. Students and parents will sign a borrowing contract for accountability purposes.



    These grants are awarded annually (usually in January) for special projects for amounts between $500 and $2,500.

     East Brunswick High School

    Immersive Student Learning Experiences Beyond the Classroom Walls-Nicole Kenney

    Grant funds will cover the admission fees for enrichment trips for both US II and World History courses to the 9/11 Memorial Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The goal is to make the field trips more affordable for East Brunswick families who will be paying for the transportation. These field trips have been very successful in the past: “Students and parents agree that these opportunities provide a more comprehensive understanding of events, times, places and people by viewing priceless works of art and memorials commemorating critical moments and events in history.”

    Irwin Elementary School

    Diverse Nonfiction Books in the Elementary Classroom-Krystal Ramsen

    “This grant supports an ongoing Irwin School goal to incorporate texts which reflect and support its multicultural community and empowers students to see texts which reflect characters and topics which are meaningful and relevant.” (Irwin Principal, JoAnn Chmielowicz) All teachers at Irwin strongly emphasize getting books, including non-fiction, into the hands of students, many of whom are not reading on grade level. In this particular classroom, on “Feature Fridays” students explore a relevant nonfiction text based on a chosen topic. Students get to vote on what topics they would like to learn about. Grant funds will allow for the purchase of books that address the topics students choose.



    These grants are awarded monthly. Applicants must have at least one additional funding source (partner) that covers at least ⅓ of the total amount being requested.

    East Brunswick High School

    eSports-Dr. Michael Vinella

    This grant is funded by the EBEF in partnership with EBHS Class of 2000 Alumnus, Michael Seibel, and Dr. Vinella. The goal is to create a technology/coding/gaming driven “sport club” that will support and enhance students’ ability to obtain careers in a relatively new sector of technology. Funds will allow for the purchase of technology equipment needed to reach said goal.

     Churchill Junior High School

    9th Grade Poetry Festival-Celine Clark

    This grant, in partnership with the Dodge Poetry Foundation, will provide 9th grade English students with a unique opportunity to interact with accomplished poets and learn from the poets’ works and experience. Additionally, students will have a chance to write their own poetry and receive constructive feedback from the visiting poets in a workshop setting.


    Mini Grants awarded 2022-2023