• Reading is such a valuable skill in our everyday lives. Read Across America Week is the perfect time to celebrate reading. This year our theme was "Readers Persevere." 
    Just as it takes time, effort, practice, and patience for athletes to succeed, readers must exhibit those skills as well.

    To honor Read Across America, we read one book each day focusing on our theme of perseverance. Each book was written by a diverse author and/or had diverse characters to ensure students could "see themselves" in the books. We planned activities and a corresponding spirit day to match each book. On Thursday, the entire school participated in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read)! We ended our week with Rutgers Athletes Guest Readers visiting each classroom. They read a book and shared that athletes and readers must keep going and not give up in order to achieve success. 

    Remember readers, great achievements take time, effort, and patience! You will always have the support of your teachers to coach and cheer you on!

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