Code of Conduct

    Mission: We, the inclusive community of HUES, believe all students can achieve academic, social and emotional success through a wide variety of individualized learning opportunities to support 21st century learners in a positive, safe engaging environment. 

    All HUES students participating in any form of distance/hybrid/online learning and instruction are subject to district policies and this “Online Learning and Internet Usage Code of Conduct” outlining additional protocols and expectations for responsible, safe, and ethical behavior.

    We believe that with responsible use, the benefits of the Internet as an educational tool are significant. We appreciate our parental-guardian partnership in facilitating the responsible and safe Internet use of students. 

    Please review the following expectations carefully. Students are responsible to:

    • Use the distance/hybrid/online learning environment as an educational tool for educational purposes. This includes refraining from unnecessary disruption of any form of the learning environment.
    • Follow class rules and protocols.
    • Respectfully communicate with classmates, teachers and other members of the school community.
    • Be ready to learn; manage time effectively and be prepared to participate in learning.
    • Participate and complete activities and assignments with academic integrity and authenticity.
      • This means that all work submitted is the student’s own work.
      • Work has not been copied and pasted from the Internet, another student or another source without proper acknowledgment of the author.
    • Be mindful of the content you share out on the internet (say, write or record). Your digital footprint is permanent.
      • Keep your passwords safe and secret from others with the exception of you parent/guardians.
      • If you are concerned about a security or safety issue contact your teacher via email for more information on how to proceed.
      • Students shall refrain from recording any class session, teacher or classmates. Please contact your teacher if you would like to obtain a copy of the lesson.
    • Use their electronic device with care.
    • Understand that using platforms and tools in violation with the district policies will result in disciplinary action.