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    Alignment with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS) is mandated in the State of NJ. All children in East Brunswick Public Schools participate in a rigorous standards-based mathematics program. Mathematics instruction across the grade levels includes a balanced approach, with conceptual understanding intertwined with fact fluency and problem-solving skills.

    East Brunswick Public Schools adopted enVision Math for Grades K-6 in Fall 2022. enVision was created by award-winning authors and researchers - two of whom were NCTM presidents. Others have written many books and have sat on the NCTM board. enVision Math is a top-rated program on edreports and sits on an award-winning platform. The goal of enVision Math is to have every child achieve grade-level standards while developing an appreciation for mathematics reasoning and thinking. It has a range of resources to meet a large variety of learners.   

    There are many ways to solve a problem and one of the goals of the program is to have students use a method that is meaningful and makes sense to them - while refining approaches to move toward efficiency. The trajectory of learning generally moves from concrete to representations then abstract. In fact, every lesson moves through these stages.

    The enVision Math program was fully implemented as it was created and in all grades at once to provide fidelity to the implementation and in order to provide simultaneous professional development. We are confident the enVision Math program is a better fit for our students than our previous program. The District initiative of meeting the needs of all learners can best be achieved by ensuring high-quality programs and instruction are occurring in all classrooms, every day.

    How to Log into enVision Math

    1. Students can use the saved bookmark on their district Chromebooks

    • Open the Chrome browser
    • Click on the three-dot menu in the upper-right of your screen
    • select Bookmarks > EBnet Bookmarks > enVision Math

    2. Login through the Clever Dashboard

    • Login to Clever at https://clever.com/in/ebnet using the 'Microsoft' option.
    • Students should log in with their district username and password.

    3. Login through Google Classroom

    • Students can log into enVision Math using the link saved on their teacher's Google classroom
    • Students should log in with their district username and password

    Resources for Parents and Guardians

    Parents and Guardians, please watch this video to learn about the resources you can use at home to support your child.

    On the Savvas website, the Savvas Parent's Corner provides additional helpful resources and guides, such as the How-To Videos for Students & Parents and Learning at Home: 7 Tips for Parents.

    Teachers and parents are important partners in learning. If there are any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessment (MSDA)

    Students in grades 3-6 will take a math screener and diagnostic assessment that will help their teachers determine a baseline level of math performance. The Math Screener and Diagnostic Assessment will identify skills gaps and help teachers target instruction. 


    On Sept 5th, a representative from Savvas, the company that owns enVision, trained a core group of teachers to use an intervention program aligned with enVision called Successmaker. Successmaker is research-based and designed to adapt and provide practice skills based on individual student needs, generate detailed reports on student growth, and highlight areas of intervention. The Savvas representative will continue to train and support teachers throughout the school year.  

    Students in grades 3-6 will take a math screener and diagnostic assessment (MSDA) that will help their teachers determine a baseline level of math performance. These results will inform Successmaker and the program will provide problems and topics that are differentiated to each student’s individual math performance and needs. A pilot group in grades 3-6 will be using Successmaker, an online practice tool for skill additional reinforcement. 

    Successmaker Video

  • Classroom Instruction

  • How much math instructional time are the students receiving daily?

  • How does this program help my child with special needs?

  • How will individual student learning gaps be addressed?

  • Can teachers spend more time on a lesson if the students are having difficulty?

  • Extra Practice

  • Will this program be supported by Kumon, Math Genie, etc.?

  • Will there be summer advancement/remediation opportunities?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • enVision Math Parent Night

    Video recordings of the January 3, 2023 enVision Math Parent Night are available below. In addition, links to the enVision Math slide presentation and the brochures provided at the meeting are available under 'Additional Resources'. 

  • enVision Math Parent Night Presentation
    January 3, 2023
    Grades K-4

  • enVision Math Parent Night Presentation
    January 3, 2023
    Grades 5-6