• Churchill Junior High School
    Mathematics Courses

    In general, math placement will be determined based on a student's final course grade in their previous year's math course. Starting in Grade 7, students could be placed into Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra Honors, or Algebra I H based upon their final course grade in their sixth grade math course. Similarly, in grades 8 and 9, student placement will be based upon their final math course grade in grade 7 and grade 8. 

    A grade of at least C- (70%) is required to stay on a given track, while a grade of at least A- (90%) is required to move into a new track sequence as specified in the placement matrix. Students are expected to purchase a TI-84 graphing calculator at the beginning of Algebra I as preparation for state standardized tests as well as for future math courses at both Churchill Junior High School and East Brunswick High School.

    Summer Advancement in Mathematics

    Geometry with Trigonometry H is the only course available for summer advancement. Students who have successfully completed Algebra I H with an overall course grade of B- (80%) or higher OR Algebra I with an overall course grade of A- (90%) or higher, can apply for summer advancement in Geometry with Trigonometry H. Students must complete the Summer Advancement Waiver Form to get a conditional approval before enrolling in the summer advancement course based on student's projected grade. The conditional approval is only valid if students end the year with an overall course grade of 90% or higher in Algebra I or an overall course grade of 80% or higher in Algebra I H.

    The students will need an overall grade of at least 90% for the summer advancement course to move to Algebra II H.  In Grade 9, if the student should need to drop Algebra II H, his/her only option will be to take a full year of Geometry with Trigonometry H. The deadline to submit the advancement form is April 28, 2023.

Mathematics Courses

  • Grade 7 Courses

  • 2178 - Math 7

  • 2165 - Pre-Algebra

  • 2164 - Pre-Algebra Honors

  • 2169 - Algebra I Honors

  • Grade 8-9 Courses

  • 2179 - Math 8

  • 2176 - Algebra I

  • 2170 - Algebra I Honors

  • 2172 - Geometry with Trigonometry

  • 2173 - Geometry with Trigonometry Honors

  • 2171 - Algebra II Honors