• East Brunswick High School
    Course Catalog

    The Course Catalog contains a list of courses and course descriptions by department. Please use the navigation links to the left or the links below to choose a subject area.

    Course Placement Criteria for Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

    Some advanced placement and honors courses have prerequisites that students must achieve in order to be enrolled in the AP or Honors level course. Please review the course placement criteria document under 'Additional Resources' below.

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

    Students who are interested in participating at a NCAA Division I or Division II college must satisfy the requirements of NCAA Bylaw 14.3, commonly known as Proposition 48. If a course qualifies for NCAA eligibility, it will be noted in the course description in the catalog.

    Dual-Enrollment/Dual Credit Courses

    Sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in and ready for college-level work have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking one, or more, of over 40 college courses offered in conjunction with 29 high school courses. Dual-Credit Courses are marked in red in the course description. For more information about the Dual-Enrollment program, please visit Dual-Enrollment Program for College Credit.