• Grant Recipients 2021-2022

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    3Rs  Grants 

    Return, Reenergize and Refresh: A special grant category created to celebrate the return to full-time in school instruction for all students; the EBEF awarded four 3Rs Grants totaling more than $52K to kick start the 2021-2022 school year.


    Churchill Junior High School- Earth Networks Weather Station
    Ryan Higgins, Jessica Dibenedetti-The goal of this grant is to upgrade the 20 year old weather instruments. The updated weather station with increased sensors and access to the network will provide students greater opportunities to investigate weather-based phenomena using authentic data.


    Bowne-Munro, Central, Chittick, Frost, Irwin, Lawrence Brook, Memorial, Warnsdorfer Elementary Schools - Grades 4 & 5 Super Science Readers
    Ryan Higgins-
    Funds will be used to purchase resources (Scholastic's Super Science Readers) to facilitate the integration of science and literacy for all 4th and 5th graders.


    Bowne-Munro, Central, Chittick, Frost, Irwin, Lawrence Brook, Memorial, Warnsdorfer Elementary Schools, Hammarskjold Middle School- Disc Golf
    Erik Meyer
    The goal of this grant is to provide all K-7 students with the experience of participating in Disc Golf, adding one more sport to the "sports for life" curriculum that is taught within the district's physical education program. Funding will allow for the purchase of the equipment that students will need to learn how to throw and aim a Frisbee at a target. Ultimately a mobile disc golf course will be created at each elementary school and Hammarskjold.

    Hammarskjöld Middle School- Cutting Edge Technology
    Andrew Scanlon- Funds will be used to purchase a laser cutter/engraver for use in the STEM electives and cycles at Hammarskjold. This cutting edge technology will serve two goals: 1.) It will compliment the software that students are already using to design solutions to engineering challenges, and 2.) The learning related to construction will be enhanced as students will be able to apply problem solving and design skills to their projects. Students will be using industry-standard software and hardware to design and rapid prototype their solutions. No more using outdated time-consuming tools to prototype their solutions.



    These grants, awarded during the fall of each year for amounts that are more than a mini grant, recognize Amy Fisher, a co-founder and past honoree of the Foundation. Amy has been instrumental in the Foundation’s successful growth.

    Warnsdorfer Elementary School- Music Technology with Brent Daniels
    Dr. Renee Soccodato-Dutka-Students in grades 3-5 will attend an assembly with Brent Daniels, an award-winning composer, producer, sound designer, and recording artist. They will then participate in two days of smaller hands- on workshops where they will gain an understanding of how they might produce their own music and sound using the technology already in their lives, creating music on the spot.


    Warnsdorfer Elementary School- Decodable Books for Determined Readers 
    Rachel Solomon, Cara Chacko, Michelle Reisbord, Jamie Grant, Caroline Jordan- The acquisition of these decodable books will provide Warnsdorfer’s youngest readers an essential connection between direct phonics instruction and the reading of actual books, thus making reading more accessible to those who are struggling with decoding.


    Warnsdorfer Elementary- School Chime Time
    Dr. Renee Soccodato-Dutka-Suzuki Tone Chimes will be purchased with grant funds. They will be integrated within daily classroom activities and can be extended to Chorus.

    East Brunswick High School- Enhancing Visual Arts Learning with iPads
    Antonia Germanos, Matthew McCarthy
    Grant funds will allow for the purchase of iPad Pros and Apple TV to enhance the teachers’ use of the Canvas Learning Management System, thus helping to make the implementation of instructional strategies more effective and efficient. The devices will be used in two visual arts classrooms and serve approximately 550 students per year. The programs that will be impacted include: Studio Art Wet Media, Studio Art Dry Media, Studio Art Printmaking, Studio Art II Honors, AP Art & Design, AP Art History, Jewelry Making, and National Art Honor Society Club.


    East Brunswick High School- “Abundance” Nonfiction Book for Environmental Science Classes
    Ryan HerbertFunds will allow for the purchase of "Abundance: The Future is Better than You Think" by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler to be used by students in Environmental Science classes. The goal of this grant is to increase science literacy and promote an understanding that there is a future and that students and society can indeed help to ensure the future.


    Churchill Junior High School- Printing Pottery Like the Pros
    Kimberly Valdata- This grant will provide Churchill students with an opportunity to make real-world, cross-curricular connections between the fine arts and practical arts. Students will be able to experience the design phase using CAD software, preparation phase with clay, and production phase of 3-D printing. Furthermore, students will have an opportunity to develop clay creations that can be used outside of school.


    Chittick Elmentary School- Providing Quality Decodable Book Options for Beginning and Struggling Readers
    Samantha Meyer
    Decodable books will provide Chittick’s Kindergarten students an essential connection between direct phonics instruction and the reading of actual books, thus making reading more accessible to those who are struggling with decoding.


    Bowne-Munro- The Making of a Makerspace
    Elissa DiTomasso-
    The funds for the grant will allow for the purchase of one large starter kit and 1 medium starter kit of EverBlock Systems. EverBlocks are plastic building pieces, similar to Legos, but oversized! The purchase also includes the use of a 3D Virtual Builder, where students can plan out their designs, and also build from stored projects in the design library. Students will get to see their designs come to life when their prototypes are three dimensional and life sized.


    Lawrence Brook Elementary School- Dispensing Character One Book at a Time
    Aanika Boylan, Kelly McCauley- With grant funds a book vending machine will be purchased. It will be used as an incentive within the school to build literacy skills, reward students for positive behavior, increase students’ personal libraries, and promote a lifelong love of reading. The grant request includes funds for the first 100 books, with a plan to replenish the books with Scholastic points and PTA support.


    Lawrence Brook Elementary School-  “Amplifying” Learning at Lawrence Brook
    Nicole Galgano, Elizabeth Dunn- The goal of this grant is to support instruction by providing each teacher with a Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier with Wired Microphone to use during whole class instruction like read alouds.


    Lawrence Brook Elementary School- STRIVE for FIVE, Team Lawrence Brook: Emphasizing and Recognizing Social Emotional Excellence Among Students 
    Rachel Weitzenkorn- Funds will provide for the purchase of materials to support Lawrence Brook's school theme, "Go Team Lawrence Brook" and the five school rules that have been developed by the School Safety and Climate Team.



    Funding of this grant in honor of Amy Fisher has been made possible by the generosity of the Northfield Bank Foundation.



    On an annual basis, the Kabus Foundation provides a significant donation that will be matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. To highlight Dr. Kabus’ love of the sciences, especially in his high schoolyears, this grant is directed to the East Brunswick High School’s Science Department for programs, equipment and materials that advance learning, research and progress in the sciences. Dr. David Lloyd Kabus graduated from East Brunswick High School in 1981. He was valedictorian and won the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Summa Cum Laude and graduated from SUNY Buffalo Medical School with honors. After his residency at NYU and fellowship at Sloan Kettering, he joined the Ridgewood Pathology Group where he became a full partner in five years.




    The family of Venu Madhav Bandaru, East Brunswick High School Class of 1989, has generously funded this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. This grant is directed to the Science or Math Departments at East Brunswick High, Churchill Junior High or Hammarskjold Middle Schools.



    This annual grant has been funded by donations from the family and friends of Mario “Chic” DeCarolis, who devoted his life to teaching music in the East Brunswick community for over 30 years. In his memory, this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation, will fund special events, guest musicians, and other projects that benefit East Brunswick music students.




    These grants are awarded annually (usually in January) for grant reqyests between $2,500 and $7,500 for special projects or events of enduring value.


    The submission deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is January 19, 2022.



    These grants are awarded annually (usually in January) for special projects for amounts between $500 and $2,500.

    The submission deadline for the 2021-2022 school year is January 19, 2022. 



    These grants are awarded monthly. Applicants must have at least one additional funding source (partner) that covers at least ⅓ of the total amount being requested.