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          Hello 3rd graders! I am Mrs. Alcantara and I will be your teacher this year!

    This is my eighth year in 3rd grade. I previously taught 4th grade ILA. I love teaching 

    reading and math. In reading, I love mystery book clubs where I can become a detective and 

    solve the case using clues that I found. I also love reading fiction stories because they are 

    exciting! Fiction takes you to faraway lands. I like being able to escape to different places 

    in my mind, especially places that don't really exist (like Hogwarts!).  

           I love teaching, but I also love doing many different activities as well. I like reading at the

    beach. It is so relaxing and peaceful! Sometimes I get so lost in my stories that I can read for hours!

    I also love to spend time with my family. My husband and I like to go to the movies and try new and different 

    activities, like zip lining, bike riding, and shopping. I have a 5-year-old son named Jackson, who keeps

    me very busy! I also have a baby girl, Janie, who will be one in September. I have a cat at home named Babies.

    He likes to snuggle and eat!   

              I can't wait to hear about all of the activities that you like to do. We are going to have a great year at Frost!