• ▌▌▌Student Activities & Services

    Dr. Louis Figueroa, Assistant Superintendent of Student Activities and Services,

    Anti-Bullying Coordinator and Alternate Affirmative Action Officer

    Karen Keegan, Executive Secretary
    Sharon Feniello,  Secretary 

    Vanita Nargund, Senior Bookkeeper

    Phone: (732) 613-6750 | Fax: (201) 831-4021


  • Department of Student Activities & Services Staff

     Louise Sultana LoRocco |  Director of Special Education
    Susan Luchino, Secretary

     Paul Natalicchio | Director of School Safety and Security Operations
    Kevin Zebro, Coordinator - School Safety and Security Operations

     Danielle Blalock | Supervisor of Student Assistant Specialists and Nurses 
    Sharon Feniello, Secretary

     Vanessa Amaturo | Supervisor of School Counseling and College/Career Readiness

     Frank Malta | Supervisor of Athletics
    Julie Cirkus, Secretary

     Erik Myer | Supervisor of Health & Physical Education