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    If you have an outstanding balance, your registration will not be processed for Spring of 2024. To pay, please follow the directions located on the green paper in your statement envelope. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Ms. Jamie Kinard, Supervisor of Alternative Programs, at jkinard@ebnet.org or via phone at (732) 613-6987. 


    The Video Stream from the Dual Enrollment Information Session from September 12, 2023 can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/live/m2U-x-qR1rk?si=NUa8llUMB9DVy5-j. We thank you for attending!


    For a complete list of courses and information regarding course sequences, please select the following link: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13818.  Please also note that HIS 260 and PSY 123 must be registered for during the semester of enrollment. Students in the Spring semester will have the opportunity to register for HIS 260 and PSY 123 in the Spring. 

    For French, German and Spanish, the Level VI and AP Language and culture courses are applicable for their respective 221 and 222 courses at Middlesex College. If you applied at the Level VI H level, you do not need to apply at the AP Language and Culture level. 

    For more information regarding Dual Enrollment Eligible AP Courses, please click here

    Regarding Dual Enrollment and Final Exams, please see district Policy #2624, as outlined below:

    Seniors who have an average of A- or higher by the end of the fourth marking period for a full year course or both marking periods of a semester course and have a fourth marking period grade of B or higher, will be exempt from taking the final examination in the course. The final grade value for the course will be the composite of the pupil’s performance for the four marking periods and the midterm examination. The final grade for semester course will be the composite of the two marking period grades. Seniors who by this rule are exempt from taking the final examination may, however, opt to take the exam.


    • My course/teacher is not on the list; how can I find out if it is eligible for MC dual enrollment credits?

    Prior to applying, please confirm course eligibility with your teacher or guidance counselor. You may only register for eligible courses you are currently taking.

    • I can’t login to my MC self-service account; how can I get my account reset?

    Email MCCDE@middlesexcc.edu from your high school email account with your full name, address, and birthdate to request an account reset.

    •  How can I find out if my course(s) will transfer?

    Check www.njtransfer.org for in-state public school transfer or reach out to college registrars at private and out-of-state schools to inquire. Transfer of MC DE courses is not guaranteed.

    • Why should I participate in dual enrollment?

    Dual enrollment can help students enrich their knowledge and advance academically. Students often participate to facilitate college readiness, improve content knowledge in a specific subject, explore areas of interest for potential careers, or advance to a higher-level course. Dual enrollment participation is positively linked with higher GPAs, and high school and college completion. Students can also save time and money toward degree completion. Participation is 100% optional


    Call: 732.906.2554

    Email: K12Partnerships@middlesexcc.edu

    Text: 732.902.0211



    If you need assistance with the process, please use the following contacts:
    Ms. Jamie Kinard - Supervisor of Alternate Programs. Email: jkinard@ebnet.org. Phone number: 732-613-6987. 

    Dual Enrollment Department of Middlesex College - k12partnerships@middlesexcc.edu and MCCDE@middlesexcc.edu