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    Steps for Dual Enrollment

    Read the information below carefully before applying for MCC Dual Enrollment Credit.
    The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) states that the educational rights transfer to a student when they are either 18 years old or attend an institution higher than High School level. This would mean Dual Enrollment for MCC.

    Please be aware that for the 2021-2022 school year, students may need to pre-select “Dual Enrollment” when completing their schedule.

    Application Process

    1. Download and complete the fillable PDF application (click here for the application). Please use Adobe.

    2. Save the application with your changes and email it to MCCDE@middlesexcc.edu by 12:00 pm on February 11, 2022Please be sure that the PDF saves with your changes before sending it. Do not save as a One Drive document. 

    • All email submissions must come from your EBnet email account. Please indicate ‘Dual Enrollment’ in the subject line.
    • Incomplete or late forms will be returned. Check your Ebnet email regularly in the event corrections are requested. If you do not receive an auto-response from your submission, we did not receive your application. 

    3. Check your EBnet email regularly for your registration confirmation and instructions for claiming your MC NetID (if you have not already done so). Please allow 30+ days to receive your statement. 

    4. After you receive your confirmation, login to self-service to submit payment for your course(s).

    • Payment is due within 30 days of registration.  Submitting an application is a commitment to paying for your course(s). 

    NOTE:  The dual enrollment fee is non-refundable. If you switch high school courses and are no longer enrolled in a MC DE course, please submit a DROP form. Depending on the time of year, an appeal may be required.


    The following courses are being offered during the Spring Semester. For a complete list of courses and information regarding course sequences, please select the following link: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13818.  Please also note that HIS 260, SPE 121 and PSY 123 must be registered for during the semester of enrollment. Students in the Spring semester will have the opportunity to register for HIS 260, SPE 121 and PSY 123 in the Spring. 

    For French, German and Spanish, the Level VI and AP Language and culture courses are applicable for their respective 221 and 222 courses at Middlesex College. If you applied at the Level VI H level, you do not need to apply at the AP Language and Culture level. 



    MC Course Code


    MC Course Title


    HS Course Title


    HS Teacher


    Number of MC Credits

    ACC 101


    Financial Accounting


    Accounting 101 H





    BIO 112


    Anatomy & Physiology 2


    Anatomy & Physiology H





    BIO 124


    General Biology 2


    AP Biology





    CHM 122/126


    General Chemistry 2 & Lab


    Chemistry H






    CSC 162


    Intro to Computer Science Java


    AP Computer Science





    ENG 122


    English Composition 2


    College Writing


    Brady Pellicane Strachan

    Powers Soder Cunningham



    FRE 122


    Elementary French 2


    French V H





    FRE 222


    Intermediate French 2


    French VI





    FRE 222


    Intermediate French 2


    AP French Language and Culture






    GER 122


    Elementary German 2


    German V H





    GER 222


    Intermediate German 2


    German VI H,

    AP German Language and Culture





    HIS 260


    Dimensions of Prejudice, Genocide


    Genocide in the Modern World






    ITA 122


    Elementary Italian 2


    Italian V H





    ITA 222


    Intermediate Italian 2


    Italian VI H






    MAT 123


    Statistics 1


    Statistics H


    Klayman    Yang

    Huges       Nell



    MAT 132


    Analytical Geometry and Calculus II


    Calculus II H





    MAT 233


    Analytical Geometry and Calculus III


    Calculus III H





    MUS 202


    Music Notation & Composition 2


    AP Music Theory





    PHY 124/126


    Physics 2 & Lab


    Physics H






    POS 220


    United States National Government


    Institute of Legal and Political Education H





    PSY 123


    Introductory Psychology


    Psychology II H





    SPA 122


    Elementary Spanish 2


    Spanish V H






    SPA 222


    Intermediate Spanish 2


    Spanish VI H





    SPA 222


    Intermediate Spanish 2


    AP Spanish Language and Culture






    SPE 121


    Fundamentals of Public Speaking


    Public Speaking H







    Timeline for Enrollment
    Enrollment for the High School Scholars program is based on the course offerings at Middlesex County College. For  more information on the Scholars program, please click here.

    For Dual Enrollment, the timelines are as follows. Specific dates will be posted onced confirmed with the college.

    Courses that Require a Fall and Spring Registration (Two-Sequence Course)
     Register for course in Fall → Register for course in Spring
    Courses that Require a Fall Registration Only (One Sequence Course)
     Register for course in Fall
    Courses that Require a Spring Registration only (One Sequence Course)
    Register for course in Spring



    If you need assistance with the process, please use the following contacts:
    Ms. Jamie Kinard - Assistant Director of Alternate Programs. Email: jkinard@ebnet.org. Phone number: 732-613-6935. 

    Dual Enrollment Department of Middlesex College - k12partnerships@middlesexcc.edu. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I had a username and password, but cannot find it OR I need to reset my username and password
      • Please try to reset your password in self-service by clicking "Forgot Password".  If you are unable to reset it, please contact our k12partnerships@middlesexcc.edu
    • How can I check which courses I have already taken?
      • Login to your self-service account HERE and click on Student Planning to view past courses. 
    • I never had a username or password. 
      • Please be sure that you followed all directions to claim your Net ID. This information can be found in your EBNet email. 
    • I missed my deadline. 
      • Unfortunately, you will not be able to register past the deadline for any Dual Enrollment course. 
    • I registered but did not pay, or I did not receive a confirmation email. 
      • If you did not receive a confirmation email for either the application or receipt of payment, then the process has not been completed correctly. Please review your steps against the guides above to confirm that you have completed the items correctly. Failure to complete payment within 30 days can result in a drop. 
    • Will my credits transfer?
      • While Middlesex College credits are transfer friendly, please confirm that your courses will transfer to the institution you are interested in. This information can be found at https://www.njtransfer.org/
    • Can I take the Fall but not the Spring?
      • If you have a two sequence course, then the answer is yes. However, you cannot take a course out of sequence. For example, you cannot take English 122 if you have not taken English 121. 
      • It is not ideal to take only one part of a course. Many colleges look for both sequences of a course. 
    • Does it cost extra to register for the lab course?
      • No, lab courses do not cost extra through the Dual Enrollment program. 
    • I dropped a course at East Brunswick High School, and the new course is not eligible for Dual Enrollment. Can I request a refund?
      • No. Courses are non-refundable. However, you can complete the drop form as indicated above. 
    • I am taking an AP course. Can I also get credit for this?
      • Yes, but some colleges will accept one or the other. Please work with your school counselor to determine which pathway is best for you. 
    • I am taking a two sequence course. What grade shows up on the transcript?
      • The final grade in the High School course is used for both sequences. For example, if the student earns an 89 in College Writing Honors, they would receive an 89 for English 121 and English 122.  
    • I accidentally registered with a different email. Will that impact my application?
      • Incomplete or incorrect forms will be returned. Please be sure all information is correct prior to applying. 


  • Transcript and Syllabus Requests 

    Important Information Regarding Transcript Requests for the 2021-2022 School Year

    Students can request transcripts from Middlesex College after July 15th, 2021. Students should first check their unofficial transcript on the self-service portal to ensure that grades are updated before requesting an official copy. Official copies can be requested through the following website: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/registrar/transcripts/

    Students can access of course overviews directly from the On Course website, located here: https://app.oncoursesystems.com/curriculum/10201/11802999.  If your college requests an official syllabus from Middlesex College, please contact the Dual Enrollment Department at K12partnerships@middlesexcc.edu.

    A syllabus can also be requested directly from the department chairperson of Middlesex College. Please see the following website for contact information: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/academics/academic-departments/.