• The EBHS|MC College Pathways Program

    Dual-Enrollment College Courses

    Sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested in and ready for college-level work have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking one, or more, of over 40 college courses offered in conjunction with 29 high school courses.  By completing these courses, students gain confidence in their ability to handle college-level coursework in the familiar environment of East Brunswick High School.  In addition, through successful course completion, students have the opportunity to begin their college experiences with credits. 

    Students registered in courses eligible for dual-enrollment credit have two options:

    • They can take the dual-enrollment course for high school credit only. 
    • They can pay the course tuition and receive both high school and college credit**.

    **The offered courses will run contingent upon the availability of MCC approved faculty members.

    Courses in the Course Catalog with 'Dual-Credit Option' indicate that the course offers the option for students to earn college credits through the Middlesex College Pathways Program. Please check the EBHS|MC Dual-Credit Course List for a full list of all EBHS courses that carry the option for college credits through Middlesex College. 

    Please note - students may be asked to pre-select their interest in participating in Dual Enrollment. Please be sure to reference the Dual Credit course list before meeting with your counselor. 

    High School Scholars Program

    Students who are interested in obtaining college credit but are not enrolled in a dual enrollment course may do so through the Honors Scholars program. Students must be at least 15 years of age and in the second semester of their Sophomore year. Students may obtain up to 8 college credits. Please note that students cannot obtain both high school and college credit credit when utilizing this program. 

    For more information, please see the High School Scholars site, found at https://www.middlesexcc.edu/k-12-partnerships/high-school-scholars/. 

    How to Work Toward your Baccalaureate Degree in High School

    The expanded Pathways program benefits incoming sophomores and juniors as well as seniors with up to 40 MC classes to choose from. Depending on academic readiness, students may begin to select dual-enrollment courses that align with the typical core courses of the first two years of study for a four-year degree (see two-year course requirements). East Brunswick alumni have found high rates of acceptance of Middlesex College courses by colleges and universities across the country and throughout New Jersey.

    For the optimal opportunity to complete the selected associates’ degree by graduation, students should request Financial Literacy and Intro to Computer Science in 9th grade. Also, students should remain in their selected World Language of study from Hammarskjold through graduation. For a sample course planning guide, please see the Course Planning Guide section of our website, located here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13818.

    Associate Degree Pathways to Baccalaureate Degree

    In New Jersey, by law, public colleges are required to accept associates degrees for related programs. Most colleges across the country may accept up to sixty transfer credits. All colleges reserve the right to accept dual enrollment college credits. It is strongly recommended for all students to contact the university of intent to inquire about dual credit courses that will be considered for acceptance. 

    MC has over 55 associate programs. (See examples of three possible associate degree pathways – Liberal Arts General Associate Degree, Liberal Arts Business Associate Degree, Biology Science Transfer Associate of Science Degree using the link to the Course Planning Guide above). 

    MC Tuition Fees and Transfer Credit

    The college tuition for each of the three and four credit courses is $125.  Some East Brunswick courses are the equivalent of two separate college courses in a course sequence. In these cases, students may elect to take the college fall semester only or both fall and spring semester courses. However, a student may not take the spring semester course in a sequence if they have not completed the prerequisite fall semester course. Students who attain a final course grade of a C or better in a College Dual Enrollment course will earn college credits through Middlesex College and the potential to transfer those credits toward a 2 or 4-year college degree. All students will receive a Middlesex College transcript regardless of their final grade.  Please refer to the course descriptions for prerequisites for each of the College Pathways Dual Enrollment Program courses.

    Information on the application and registration process can be found in the Dual Enrollment section of our website here. For a sample course planning guide, please see the Course Planning Guide section of our website, located here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13818. For information on course transfers for New Jersey Colleges, please use the portal, located here: https://www.njtransfer.org/.

    Other College Pathways Credit Opportunities

    Rutgers University and Rider University have partnered with East Brunswick High School to offer students college credit from their respective universities for two additional EBHS courses.

    Rutgers University – College Writing Honors
    In June of their senior year, students completing the East Brunswick High School College Writing Honors course who are planning to attend Rutgers University and earn a letter grade of a C or better may opt to pay the Rutgers course tuition and receive three [3] Rutgers University credits at the end of the school year. 

    Please note the College Writing Honors course is currently under review at Rutgers. There is a possibility students may not have the opportunity to earn Rutgers credits or students may have to choose between Middlesex College credits and Rutgers University credits. Students and parents will be notified of the decision when the review process at Rutgers is finalized.

    Rider University – Teacher Practicum Coursework
    Students interested in a teaching career who are enrolled in EBHS course 1357 - Teacher Practicum (Teacher Cadet Program) can be awarded credit through Rider University by paying the tuition cost of $250 and by completing additional online work.