• Introduction to World Language Courses

    Anyone can learn to speak a second language.  The varied world language curricula afford students the opportunity to begin or continue their study of modern world languages, including French, German, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.  The ability to communicate effectively in another language takes a long time. Therefore, students are encouraged to continue their language study through graduation. East Brunswick Public Schools is committed to a well-articulated World Language program that prepares students to participate in a global community.  Students who are in grades 11 and 12 have the options for AP Language and Culture in these languages: Mandarin, French, Spanish, German, Italian AP Language and Culture. In addition, there are non-AP courses like French for Business H, Spanish for Business H, Spanish for the Medical Profession H, Made in Italy H, Italian VI H, Spanish VI H, French VI H, Made in Italy H or German in the 21st Century H.

    Learning a world language is a natural and rewarding process and studies have shown a positive relationship between world language study and SAT scores.  The world language classroom is exciting! The emphasis is on learning how to speak and understand a language and its culture. Students work with individual student devices and our digital language laboratory to improve their listening and speaking skills. Students access the internet for authentic material such as newspapers, magazines and videos.  The instructional sequence provides opportunities to use language through meaningful interactive experiences enriched by culturally authentic content.  Students also have the opportunity to augment their learning with honor societies, club activities, field trips and classroom projects.

    East Brunswick Graduation Requirements

    The East Brunswick Public School district requires ten credits of a world language for graduation. In order for students to develop a stronger proficiency in both language and cultural understanding, East Brunswick recommends the longest possible sequence of one language. As newly arrived students from their native country, English language learners may use their native language to satisfy the requirement when entering the ninth grade or at subsequent grade levels. Students who have been speaking their native language since a very young age and throughout their prior educational experience will satisfy five credits toward the world language requirement for graduation.

    College Requirements

    Most colleges and universities require two years of a World Language for entrance. Some require as little as none and some selective universities require four years. Colleges prefer a long sequence of one language.

    World Language Courses

    For students wishing to begin a new language or a second or third language, that option is available when there is sufficient enrollment.  The World Language flow charts show the typical sequence of languages. East Brunswick Public Schools offers these levels at the indicated grade levels when there is sufficient enrollment.  The East Brunswick Public School district is committed to a language sequence of one language so that students will have achieved a usable proficiency in that language.

    Indigenous and World Languages / Indigenous and World LanguagesBuilding Bridges of Communication