•  Cooperative Education Courses
    East Brunswick Public Schools Course Catalog | 2022-2023

    Students interested in gaining work experience will find the following courses at the high school level a vital key to the world of work. Students are given the opportunity to have job interviews, gain employment, earn money and, most importantly, gain first-hand knowledge of the business world. Employment while attending school is a great asset to any transcript. In this program, students attend school part of the day (a minimum of 5 periods) and work for standard wages during the afternoon, evening and weekend hours.  The work experience, which allows students to leave school to go to work, is counted toward partial fulfillment of their high school graduation requirements and gives them the opportunity to “earn as they learn.”

    Due to school closures, no application is necessary.  Please contact your counselor if you would like to request COOP for next year.

    Four Steps to Getting into Co-op:

    • Pick up an application.  A school counselor can assist you at this beginning step.
    • Fill out the application and submit it to your school counselor.
    • Your guidance counselor will inform you if Cooperative Education can fit into your schedule based on availability and acceptance.
    • The Co-op Coordinator will call you over the summer, prior to the school year, to begin the search for a job suitable for the program.
  • 1431-1432 - Cooperative Education