• Introduction to Science Courses

    The recommended high school science course sequence is:

    • Biology (9th Grade)
    • Chemistry (10th Grade)
    • Physics (11th Grade)
    • Electives (12th Grade)

    All students are required to successfully complete a minimum of three years of a lab science course to meet NJ graduation requirements. All students must take a biology course. Students will continue their science education with courses in chemistry, physics, environmental science, or Earth and space science. Courses meeting these graduation requirements are denoted in the course listings (with NJ). Students will take a comprehensive state assessment in the spring of 8th grade and their junior year. More than ninety percent of East Brunswick students take a fourth year of science.

    The Science Department offers a sequence of courses at the Academic, Accelerated and Honors levels, as well as enrichment electives and AP courses.  The courses are designed to provide meaningful, viable choices at each grade level for all interest and skill levels. Student career goals play a major part in the development of the science curriculum. The goal of academic courses is to provide a strong foundation for students so they can be successful in any of the entry-level science courses chosen in college.  The Honors sequence enables students to take achievement tests, such as the SAT subject tests. The enrichment electives make students aware of the applications of science. Several courses, as noted in the course listings, can be taken for college credit from Middlesex County College.

    Science courses are offered in the following formats:

    1. 7th grade science courses meet every other day for 5 credits.
    2. 8th grade science courses meet every other day for 5 credits.
    3. Honors & AP: Grade 9-12 full-year courses meet every other day for 1 semester and everyday for the other semester for 7.5 credits.
    4. Academic/Accelerated: Grade 9-12 full-year courses meet every other day for 5 credits.
    5. Semester Electives: Grade 10-12 semester courses meet every other day for 1 semester for 2.5 credits.
    6. Research and Seminars in Biological Science H: Grade 11-12 full-year course that meets for three (3) single periods during the week for 3 credits.  

    Science Level Descriptions

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    Doubling in Science

    Students can double in science if they meet the pre-requistes for BOTH courses.

    Summer Advancement in Science

    Students must complete a Summer Advancement form in order to be considered for Summer Advancement in Science. Chemistry and Physics Accelerated/Honors courses allow for summer advancement. Students must meet the summer advancement pre-requisites of the course they wish to take in the summer (80 in Honors/90 in Accelerated).  Students cannot level up to an honors course through this program. The outside course must be approved by the Department Chairperson - it must be a 120 hour course.  East Brunswick does not endorse or recommend any specific program. Students must complete the course with the appropriate grade and attend a test date in the summer to take the EBHS final for the course. You are not guaranteed to pass the EBHS final exam because you took a course. Please note that it is very difficult to advance academically by taking a summer course.

    Honors courses: 80 in the course, 80 on the EBHS final exam
    Academic/Accelerated courses: 90 in the course, 90 on the EBHS final exam
    Students must complete the form by: April 29, 2022

    Refer to the East Brunswick Public Schools Science Curriculum website for more information.