• Introduction to Mathematics Courses

    The Mathematics Department offers sequences in academic, accelerated and honors/advanced placement mathematics that give students opportunities ranging from meeting the minimum three years of mathematics study and state graduation requirements to preparing for or participating in college-level mathematical study.

    In grades seven through twelve, there is a broad range of courses. As required for graduation by the State of New Jersey, all students complete Algebra and Geometry and a third year of mathematics. Most students at East Brunswick High School choose to take Algebra II as their third year of mathematics. Over 96% of all seniors take a fourth year of mathematics as an elective. Sixty-five percent of seniors complete college level mathematics. For extremely well qualified students, there are opportunities at the high school level to take more than one math course in the same year, allowing interested students to complete five or six courses of mathematics, up through Honors Calculus III. Also available are AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics, as well as Honors Calculus I & II and Statistics H which are offered in conjunction with Middlesex County College ( students must have met one of the State math graduation requirements in order to take MCC courses). 

    Students are strongly encouraged to enroll in a mathematics course in each year of their high school experience as a way of adequately preparing for the college placement as well as their future endeavors. Because of the sequential nature of mathematics offerings, many courses have prerequisites. In addition, some science courses have mathematics prerequisites. Students need to be aware of the prerequisites for each course and of the grade requirements for continuing in a course sequence.  For those students (rising seniors) who do not score at the proficient level on state standardized tests or meet any of the other graduation requirements, a supplementary lab course (semester course) has to be taken in addition to their regular senior year math course at the high school.

    In general, a student needs to receive at least a C- (70%) in a given course to remain on that course track ad an at least an A- (90%) to be eligible to move up a level.

    Math Level Descriptions

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    Doubling in Mathematics

    Students must meet grade requirements to be considered for doubling in mathematics.  Students MUST meet the prerequisites for both courses to qualify. Meeting the grade requirement for each course individually doesn't mean that the student is eligible to double.  Please consult the placement criteria to check eligibility.

    Summer Advancement in Mathematics

    Geometry with Trigonometry H is the only course available for summer advancement. Students who have successfully completed Algebra I H (with an overall course grade of B- or higher) or Algebra I (with an overall course grade of A- or higher) can apply for summer advancement in Geometry with Trigonometry H. Students should complete the Summer Advancement Form to apply. The students will need an overall grade of 90 in the summer advancement course to move to ALgebra II H.