• Course Selection Procedures and Guidelines

    Course Selection Procedures

    The online version of the course guide has been designed to assist you with the important task of planning your program of studies from grades 8-12. In addition, your school counselor is always available to provide whatever supplementary advice and information you might need to make the most appropriate and realistic course selections. It is of paramount importance that you and your parents carefully and thoughtfully consider the many courses listed online.

    The scheduling process will run from December until April. During this time, each student will have an opportunity to meet with his/her school counselor to develop next year’s student schedule. In advance of this scheduling appointment, each student must submit their online course request via Parent Access.

    Course Selection Guidelines

    Making course requests requires careful consideration of the many alternatives found in the course guide, graduation requirements and your post-graduation plans. Please exercise care in making course requests. The goal of our program of studies is to thoroughly prepare each student for his or her post-secondary opportunities and careers.  There are specific deadlines in place regarding course and level changes (See Important Dates). COURSE REQUESTS DO NOT GUARANTEE PLACEMENT IN A PARTICULAR COURSE. Scheduling conflicts frequently occur, especially when students request courses that have very few sections. In addition, low numbers of requests for a course may result in the course not being offered. All students will be required to select three (3) alternate courses for EVERY elective course they request.

    No elective changes will be permitted after May 29th, unless the student has not received his/her elective choice or alternate. After a student has completed two years of World Language, subsequent years of the same language are then considered electives and only level changes will be permitted after the May 29th deadline. Time periods for courses and lunches are automatically determined by the scheduling program. Students will not be given the opportunity to select teachers, time periods, or marking periods for course or lunch periods (i.e. Driver’s Education).

    All students will be scheduled each year for eight classes plus lunch; this will generate a course load of 40 credits. However, sophomores and juniors are permitted to take up to one full year of study hall thereby resulting in a schedule that must maintain a minimum of 35 credits. Seniors can take advantage of the Late In/Early Out option which permits them to be scheduled for seven classes and lunch. Seniors who take advantage of this option must still be carrying a minimum of 35 credits. Please refer to Section III - Course Catalog for additional information regarding study halls.

    Parent acknowledgment is required for all course selections. After the student has met with their counselor to complete their schedule they must print the *Course Request Verification form available on Parent Access.  This form must be signed and returned to the counselor within one week of finalizing their schedule with their counselor.