•  Course Levels at East Brunswick High School

    East Brunswick High School’s comprehensive curricular offerings afford students the opportunity to select courses offered in the academic, honors, college credit  and advanced placement levels. An accelerated level is also offered in some science and math courses.

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    Academic Courses
    Academic Courses offered at the academic level grades nine through twelve will provide the foundation for higher level study preparing students for college, trade and technical schools as well as career aspirations.

    Accelerated (ACC) Courses
    Accelerated levels allow teachers to provide more enrichment on the foundations that are provided in the academic course.  Check the prerequisites listed for specific courses to determine the criteria for placement into an accelerated level course.    

    Honors (H) Courses
    Courses for the academically advanced are designed to provide students with coursework that requires an exceptional degree of motivation and commitment.  These courses are of greater breadth and depth than the standard academic courses and require skills commensurate with enthusiastic, independent work and exploration. Check the prerequisites listed for specific courses to determine the criteria to continue in the honors level of that course.

    College Credit Courses – The Pathways Dual-Enrollment Program
    Sophomores, juniors and seniors who are interested and ready for college-level work have the opportunity to earn college credit by taking one or many more of the 40 college courses offered in conjunction with their high school courses.  By completing these courses, students gain confidence in their ability to handle college-level coursework in the familiar environment of East Brunswick High School.  In addition, through successful course completion, students have the opportunity to jumpstart college with a maximum of 60 college credits, 18 to which would need to be taken on MCC campus (the maximum transfer credits most college will accept). Please visit Dual-Enrollment Program for College Credit for more information

    Advanced Placement Courses
    The most academically challenging and demanding courses offered to high school students are those that are offered at the advanced placement level.  These rigorous courses are taught on a college level utilizing college textbooks and are designed to prepare students to take the advanced placement exams that are administered each year over two weeks in early May. The East Brunswick High School curriculum affords students the opportunity to select AP courses in 24 subject areas. Students who earn qualifying scores on the end of course exam, generally a score of 4 or better, can earn college credits or have introductory freshman courses waived in those subject areas. Please carefully refer to the Course Placement Criteria document for the specific criteria needed to qualify to take Advanced Placement courses.

    New this year, juniors will be able to enroll in the AP Capstone Program.  The AP Capstone Program consists of two full year courses, AP Seminar and AP Research.  Successful completion of AP Seminar is required to enroll in AP Research. Through the AP Capstone Program, a student is eligible to earn AP Capstone Awards which are included on their official score reports sent to college/universities.  The AP awards are the AP Capstone Diploma or the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.  The AP Capstone Diploma is granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and in AP Research and on 4 additional AP Exams of their choosing.  The AP Seminar and Research Certificate is granted to students who earn scores of 3 or higher in both AP Seminar and in AP Research.