• Course Grading

    A+ = 98-100

    A = 92-97

    A- = 90-91


    B+ = 86-89

    B = 82-85

    B- = 80-81


    C+ = 76-79

    C = 72-75

    C- = 70-71


    D+ = 66-69

    D = 62-65

    D- = 60-61


    F = Below 60, Failing

    I = Incomplete Work

    P/F = Pass/Fail

    WP = Withdrew Passing
    WF = Withdrew Failing

    Successful completion of the curriculum requirements must be demonstrated by meeting the minimum proficiencies established by each department for each course including class participation, examinations, assignments, projects and compliance with minimum attendance requirements.

    Pass/Fail Option
    Students may take one full-year course or two semester courses on a Pass/Fail basis. Deadlines for exercising this option for quarter, semester and full year courses are in the student handbook.

    Makeup of Failures
    Students who fail and wish to attend summer school must go out of the district and/or take course(s) online.  Students attending summer school will need to obtain an application from their school counselor that requires signatures of approval. Parents are responsible for all tuition charges as well as transportation, if applicable.